In Search

Contrary to the Media’s flexibility between truth and fiction, there is a thread of truth in the fact that many churches are experiencing an era of exodus. Unable to stop at factual reporting, they venture into fictional speculation that the exodus is not only related to church attendance, but is a rejection of God. Instead of searching for the real cause of dwindling attendance the Media speculates that people are tired of a God who downgrades their actions and allows experiencing to go uninterrupted. The validity of the Media is based on factual reporting, not on interpretive examination.

People are not leaving God; rather, they are leaving churches in search of God. There is a hunger within man to experience a relationship with God that would rule them into a purposeful life. When a church fails to show Jesus Christ, the people will confront the dilemma of whether to settle into a religious air or begin a quest to find the living God.

Cornelius was a Roman Centurion that had been exposed to God by the Jewish community. Hearing and seeing how God influenced their lives had a direct influence on his own quest to know more about Him. He began to pray continually. His generosity flowed to the Jewish community. His whole household was desirous to know the God of the Jewish people. What causes people outside of the Faith to seek a relationship with the living God? I believe sight and sound open the door to spiritual exposure. When people verbally proportion their faith and characterize what they confess, others will take notice and desire to know more. “Secret Service Christians” assist Satan by not sharing their faith. The quieter the Believer, the more distant the Gospel becomes. Cornelius was drawn to the Jewish faith by Jews that were living what they confessed. Are we drawing people to our Faith today?

Cornelius prayed so earnestly and often that one day, around three in the afternoon, an angel appeared to him and told him that his prayers and giving had come up as a memorial before God. The information memorial method a reminder. What this implies is that God was reminded of the sincerity of this soldier’s heart. This opened the door for Cornelius to find an already greater truth. He was told to send for a man called Peter who would come and tell him what he must do. I surprise how God receives our prayers. Do our prayers remind God of our sincerity and quest for truth? Sadly, many Christians dwell in the foothills of the Kingdom, instead of approaching the gates of His Kingdom. Many pray in a repetitious manner with no real thought of to whom we are talking. Remember how we used to pray when we first accepted Jesus Christ. Where is that excitement and excitement that lifted our prayers right into the Throne Room of God?

Do our words and actions play a role in bringing people to the Lord? Do our prayers and giving remind God of our true commitment to Him? Cornelius lived his faith with the desire to grow his faith. May we learn these simple truths! (Ref. Acts 10:1-6)

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