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The Covid-19 pandemic slowed for a sixth week in a row around the world. Here is the global state of play based on an AFP database.

Slowing down

The number of new daily situations decreased by 7% globally to 422 400, according to an AFP tally to Thursday.

The pandemic had attained ground since mid-June fanned by the highly contagious Delta variant which has become predominant in most countries. But for more than a month and a half now it has been in decline.

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However, the confirmed situations only mirror a fraction of the actual number of infections, with varying counting practices and levels of testing in different countries.

Improvement in most regions

This week most of the regions of the world saw an improvement, with 32% less new situations in Africa, 20% less in Asia, 15% less in the Latin America and Caribbean zone, 11% less in the United States and Canada and 10% less in the Middle East.

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But there was a seven percent increase in Europe and 13% more in Oceania.

Biggest spikes

Singapore, one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, saw the biggest spike in the number of new situations, with an 80% increase.

The Asian city state was followed by a string of countries in Eastern Europe, with a 59% increase in Poland, 48% in Latvia, 40% in Ukraine and Romania and 28% more in Slovakia.

Eastern European countries have vaccinated their population at a slower rate than in Western Europe.

Biggest drops

At the other end of the spectrum, Japan saw the biggest drop with a 48% decline in the number of situations, followed by Vietnam with 42% less, Morocco 40% less, Bangladesh 35% less and South Africa 33% less.

US has most infections

The US remained by far the country with the biggest number of new situations, with 100 700 per day, a decline of 11%. It was followed by the United Kingdom with 34 200 situations, a drop of 1%, and Turkey with 29 000, an increase of 5%.

On a per capita basis the country that recorded the most new situations this week was again Serbia with 644 situations per 100 000 inhabitants, ahead of Mongolia (463) and Romania (440).

… And most deaths 

The US also recorded the biggest number of deaths per day at 1 782, followed by Russia with 899 and Mexico 517.

At a global level the number of daily deaths continued to drop to 7 185, a decline of 7%.


Cuba leads the vaccination race among countries with more than one million inhabitants, inoculating 1.37% of its population every day.

New Zealand followed with 1.19%, South Korea with 1.12%, Australia (1.05%), Peru and Vietnam (1.03% each) and Taiwan (1%).

The United Arab Emirates and Portugal however have the most progressive vaccination drives, with 85% of their populations being fully vaccinated.

They are followed by Spain (78%), Singapore (77%), Denmark and Uruguay (75% each), Ireland (74%) and Belgium, Canada, France and Italy (73%).

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