Immune Breakthrough – The Newly Discovered Repair Loop

If you are one of the lucky people on the planet who scarcely ever has to think about your health because… well, because you are “healthy,” then you’ve also probably never spent much time thinking about why you have had such good fortune.  When pressed for a reason why, you may have credited it to a “strong constitution” or “good genes.” And, you would be right!

But there are those of us who have had health challenges, and are nevertheless looking for answers beyond the “basic four”.  Nutrition, sleep, exercise, fresh air and sunshine, a simplistic wellness form which hasn’t worked for everyone.  Why?  Perhaps because overlooked was the importance of a strong defense system.  Most of you have probably never heard of the “Repair Loop” and neither had I until I picked up a book by Robert Becker, MD, Cross Currents.  After years of scientific experiments on salamanders that  easily re-grow tails, eyes and paws, Dr. Becker deduced that these lowly lizards had what he called an “intact Repair Loop”.   And we as humans do not!  Our bones are the exception he said, because they repair quickly and easily, properly set or not.1

Dr. Becker’s question was, “What happened to the human Repair Loop?”  With intuited research the question pieces started falling into place.  Healthy people have a fully functioning Repair Loop and those who are experiencing unwellness in any form have a damaged Repair Loop.  Because the body works with subtle electrical frequencies, a closed electrical circuit or loop is important for the completion of the repair course of action.  It would be similar to flipping a light switch to close the gap in the electrical circuit to turn on a light.2

The  12-Part Repair Loop

If you are experiencing chronic health challenges, it may be that a part of the Repair Loop is damaged and consequently causing the body to be incapable of completing the repair course of action.  Intuited research tells us there are twelve parts needed to complete the loop for complete cellular repair necessary for drastic wellness.2  This can be easily confirmed by kinesiology (muscle-checking) or dowsing. 

1.  Axiatonal Lines- These vigorous lines connect the bio-cellular activity of the body to higher vigorous grids by the acupuncture-meridian system.3 When damaged, the flow of Life Force, which feeds the cells, is interrupted causing the cells to little by little shut down.  The results can be wasting diseases such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ALS/Lou Gerhig’s Disease.  With reduced renewal of what other cultures call “prana” or “chi”, the time factor for cell shutdown is usually between ten and forty years.4


2.  Infinite Energy Field+ (IEF+)-Surrounding the physical and vibrating at speeds beyond light velocity, this energy field may be comprised of more than the four energy bodies consequently far reported- perhaps infinite in number.5 Now it is intuited to include at the minimum four different “energy fields” which carry the information templates for growth, development and repair of the physical body.6

3.  Harmonic Electric System-research has proven that electricity is vital to the life course of action beginning with the health and healing of the body.  disorganized electric as it impacts the harmonic electric system is its destroyer.7

4.  Brain’s Energy protect (or Psychic Sheath)-is to the brain what the aura is to the body.  When damaged, the loss of this natural protection can consequence in thoughts and feelings that are not of “self”.  The results may range from depression, low self-esteem or aggrandizement to inappropriate words and actions, “road rage”, post-partum depression, anorexia, schizophrenia and suicide, among other things.7

5.  Immune System – Based in the thymus, a good immune system recognizes and destroys any and all invaders foreign to the body.  A low immune response shows up quickly in a pattern of unwellness or general failure to thrive.

6.  Cellular Harmonics – The cellular communication system of “higher harmonic frequencies” allows the cells to: send and receive information on their level of wellness; start and stop the repair system (Cellular Repair Response System/CRRS); start the differentiation course of action, stimulate growth and regenerate “non-functioning” cells.9  This course of action depends on the presence of “structured water” (smaller clusters with a rare hexagon shape) which are shaped to penetrate the pores of the cells, balanced electrolytes (sodium-potassium) and the correct electrical frequencies of natural harmonic electric as opposed to the unhealthy man-made disorganized electric.10

7.  Electrolyte Balance – With the proper balance of these basic minerals, a sodium-potassium pumping action is   set up to keep the body’s 75 trillion cells healthy by the arrival of nutrients and the release of cellular wastes.

8.  Body pH (acid/balanced) – The body was designed to regularly monitor and balance the   acid/alkaline base of the human system, keeping it slightly alkaline for health and healing by moving sodium from the stomach lining and joints and calcium from the bones to buffer any acidity back to a perfect 7.2 – 7.4 alkalinety.

9.  DNA Molecule – The blueprint for growth and repair is present in every cell at birth.  Genetic structural memory  when damaged can consequence in imperfect cellular repair.

10.  Gland of Regeneration – This tiny gland located behind the liver was discovered by Robert Detzler, a healer in the Pacific Northwest.  Much of Detzler’s information comes by intuited research.  The meaningful role of this little-known gland is to continue cellular strength and integrity and assist in cell regeneration.11  Fully functioning cells are in a continued cycle of repair as opposed to a breakdown mode the basis of disease.

11.  Intent-to-be-Well – The intent to survive or regain one’s health generates a positive response in the cells, at all levels.  The body-mind-spirit connection has an amazing strength for healing.  A without of faith or the loss of hope can be the difference between a life of radiant health or disease, life or death.  There is no such thing as “false” hope.12

12.  Destiny – trumps all the above.

Author and medical doctor, Richard Gerber, indicates that all illness begins at the etheric level or higher, leaching down into the body during states of compromised health.  The energy intuitive has the ability to pick up on these frequencies of malfunction years before they manifest in the body as disease. 

Damaging Factors

It’s quite possible that you may already have a sense of how well your Repair Loop is functioning.  If it is not strong, why?  A lifetime of sickness can ultimately be traced back to four factors, namely body trauma, emotional trauma, toxins and disorganized electric, any one of which can damage or totally destroy the body’s amazing defense system.  If damage is caused by without of oxygen, water or food, or extreme heat or cold it may be beyond repair.  already a child born healthy, growing up in today’s world can be faced with the possibility of ill health and disease chiefly due to Repair Loop damage.

o Body Trauma is another overlooked destroyer of the Repair Loop, whether caused by a car crash, a fall or sports injury, surgeries or dental procedures.  already if anesthesia makes one oblivious, the body knows, and the Repair Loop registers damage.

o Emotional Trauma might seem insignificant when put alongside poisoning, electric and body trauma, however its effects are very real.  Brought on by a death, a difficult divorce, the diagnosis of a serious illness, the loss of a job or a beloved pet, the consequence is often shattered emotions.  The intense feelings of fright or abandonment, already in beginning, can indelibly affect wellness for a lifetime.

o Toxins build up at the cellular level by inhalation, ingestion, injection and absorption until over a period of time they reach “basic mass” and the Repair Loop is damaged, putting a ceiling on the system’s ability to self-repair.

Inhaled-paint, hair sprays, cigarette smoke, household cleaners and bronchodilators are but a few of the hundreds and hundreds of daily assaults on the human system by inhalation.

Ingested-includes anything swallowed including pesticide-filled produce, the chemical additives of “fake foods”, sugar, medications, alcohol and coffee to name but a few.


Injected-those that improving the skin.  In this category we find flu shots and botox treatments, insect stings, the poisonous bite of a snake or the scratch of an oleander bush.

Absorbed-by the skin or mucus membranes.  Includes sunblockers, cosmetics, eye drops, hair dye, fake nails, tampons, perfume or aftershave, deodorants and 

some mouthwashes.  And do check the warning label on your toothpaste. 

Intuited research tells us that man-made toxins are stored away by the body in organs or systems in addition as cysts and tumors.  however, if the damage is by “natural poisoning” (poisonous plants, insects, etc.), the cells are able to read the frequencies and react by turning “on” the repair course of action (CRRS) sending acidic cytokine hormones to the site of injury.  The resultant inflammation cleans up the poisons and injured tissue in addition as any microbes to prevent infections.


o disorganized Electric surrounds us from devices we already suspected as “hazardous” like our cell phones, computers and TVs to things we never considered as capable of harm like hair dryers and shaversElectric blanket and waterbed are plugged into an outlet surrounding us with an “electrical field” all night long.  The clock radio on your night stand, or the “electric box” we excursion around in – your car.  Our modern society brings us disorganized electric overload, the possibility most devastating of all in its ability to impact the body’s harmonic electrical system.

Reversing the Breakdown course of action

Once recognized as Repair Loop damage, there are many natural therapies that can help reverse this situation, although results already after years of dedicated work are often minimal.  It’s reminiscent of the woman who had been using homeopathy for six years and when asked if she had noticed a difference, she answered, “not however.”  You know you’re not getting well if after a reasonable time you’re not feeling better.  Then again, feeling “better” is not the same as being “well”.  How do you know the difference?  If you stop using the products or the therapy, do the symptoms come back?  If you must continue your regimen to feel “better” then it is only supporting your system, not repairing it.

Now there is another choice, “energy medicine” for cleansing vibrationally at the molecular level. And already better, the cleansing can be achieved early on before the heart pains, bouts of asthma, attacks of anxiety or depression or the locked-up joints of arthritis, or memory loss.  It’s called “preventive medicine”.

Because frequency formulas are water-based they can be used for children and already newborn infants. Imagine a life free from disease.  Scientists are saying that it’s possible by thorough cellular cleansing.  Energy medicine is definitely a wave of the future, providing answers for some of the most difficult health issues in our society today.

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