I’m a McDonald’s worker and this is how we sneakily make drinks look f…

A MCDONALD’S worker has claimed to show how they make drinks look complete already when they’re half empty.

In a viral TikTok video, a user said their manager asked staff to shake the drinks to make them look fuller.


The McDonald’s employee appeared to show what they do to make drinks look completeCredit: tiktok


People in the comments were quick to show their outrageCredit: tiktok


She insinuated that managers instructed their employees do thisCredit: tiktok

The caption read: “When your manager says to shake it to make the drink look complete,” user @nnennaaaaa6 wrote.

The worker then shakes the drink so it appears to cover the sides of the cup. 

“Especially when it’s busy,” she captioned the video. 

With over 4.4 million views, the video sparked outrage.

“I pay $5-6 for a drink from McDonald’s, it better be complete,” one said in the comments.

“If yall did that to me yall getting cussed out,” another said.

“I don’t get [why] yall be so stingy…it’s not already coming out of your paycheck…I worked to make money to pay you…” a third wrote.

Many questioned why the worker couldn’t just fill the cup all the way. 

“The same amount of time y’all use shaking it is the same amount of time you can use filling it up,” another claimed.

“Is this not a greater waste of time?” another asked.

However, one user aimed to answer others’ questions. “It’s an automatic machine. We can’t control that it doesn’t fill up all the way,” they claimed.

Some said they will now start checking how complete their drinks are as a consequence of the TikTok.

“Now I’m gonna start checking, thank you,” one user said.

“[You’re] gonna give everyone trust issues now have them checking EVERY drink,” another said.

For others, the video prompted discussion of expectations of fast-food workers. 

“This is why people don’t respect fast food workers :(,” one user said.

In another video, also posted by the same user, she showed what workers do when customers ask for their drinks to filled up.

And she takes a half-filled ice drink and fills it to the top which just more ice.

It comes as CCTV showed a woman in Florida screaming at McDonald’s staff – and cops now say they want to arrest her.

The furious customer hurled her food by a excursion-thru window after her coupon was rejected.

Miramar Police Department are offering a reward to anyone with information so that they can arrest her for battery.

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