HVAC Maintenance Agreements: Plan Ahead

HVAC Maintenance Agreements: Plan Ahead

Do you need to sign up for an HVAC maintenance agreement? Customers that want to keep their system running smoothly often sign contracts with local companies. Instead of remembering to schedule appointments or trying to attempt to manager the system on their own, professionals come out for one or more appointments a year.

What Does It Include?

HVAC maintenance agreements vary from company to company. The best thing you can do is check with local companies nearby and find out what they offer. Some companies include only one appointment a year but most offer two; one before the weather heats up and another before the temperatures cool down. Here, the complete system is checked over for any issues or possible issues that might occur.

Some companies also include coverage on minor repairs. This method that if you experience a problem with the HVAC system, it may not cost you anything to have it repaired. If your agreement does not cover repairs, most companies will at the minimum offer you a discount on any work that you have done. If you have any questions about what is included in your plan or how much of your system is covered, be sure to talk to the professionals before you sign the contract.

How Does It Compare to the Warranty?

If you purchased your HVAC system new, you have a warranty that covers defective parts and some repairs. Each issue you experience is handled by the manufacturer. When a problem arises the solution may take a while. You need to find out the right procedures for handling the issue and then work with a company of the manufacturer’s choosing. This usually is not the most functional option. None of the maintenance costs are covered under the warranty.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Each homeowner needs to decide for himself whether an HVAC service agreement will work for the home. These contracts allurement to someone that wants to make sure that his or her heating and cooling system works well all the time. People that experience harsh temperatures in the winter and summer see these appointments as an investment in their family’s comfort during the year.

Think about what the service agreement includes and how much it costs. If you were to position for these appointments separately, how much would it cost? If the service agreement is less than the two appointments would cost separately, the program is well worth it. If you get any kind of discount on repairs or already get minor repairs covered, the agreement is probably worth it.

A service contract keeps your home comfortable now but remember, it is also an investment into your heating and cooling system. Maintenance ensures that these pieces of equipment will continue to run for years to come. Problems are noted right away so you can get them fixed.

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