How to Write a specialized Email – Transitioning From "i Am L33t…

How to Write a specialized Email – Transitioning From "i Am L33t…

When you’re writing an email, you really don’t want to seem like an idiot. It’s not expected that you write as if you got your English Degree from Yale for people to think you are intelligent, but you sure don’t want to write as if you got your GED while you were imprisoned at Green Haven. Generally in a business people won’t care about minor grammatical errors like changing tense, comma faults, or disagreeing pronouns, but they expect a certain degree of professionalism or they won’t take you seriously. It doesn’t take a genius to write a good letter; emails should be no different.

One of the worst practices is not capitalizing “i” and inappropriately abbreviating.

Nothing makes me angrier than when I see a sentence like “wut r u up 2?” or “i h8 ur confront.” This kind of short hand might come in handy when you’re giving instructions to your Battlefield 1942 team, in the middle of an intense World of Warcraft raid, or trying to kind while eating a sandwich but it has no place in a specialized email. Is it that hard to hit the shift meaningful? If you don’t take the time to thoughtfully compose emails I can only assume that you don’t have anything useful to say. It’s not like you’re paying for bandwidth anymore, don’t be stingy with letters.

I can understand why people use this kind of language on cell phones. At ten cents a pop, text messages are exorbitantly expensive. Making the most of that character limit can save you some serious coin, at the expense of your dignity. However, emails do not suffer the same restrictions.

The rule here is, when writing a specialized email never use shorthand. Unless you’re on the mailing list for the society of court stenographers, the recipient will thank you for your completeness. Also, always capitalize the letter “i” when referring to yourself.

If your email looks like it came from a high school student, it’s going in the trash along with the attached begin again. Your managerial experience from Burger King and your Ph. D. from the University of Phoenix Online won’t average squat if I can’t read your email. If you can’t take the time to write a specialized email, you can’t expect anybody to read it.

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