How to Tell If a Psychic is Good – 3 Sure Fire Signs a Psychic is Genu…

Who else wants to know how to tell if a psychic is good, or worth her (or his) weight in genuine intuitive ability? Have you been considering calling (or seeing) a specific psychic but can’t quite decide if they are the real deal? Or maybe you simply have a whole bunch of questions about psychic abilities in general, and aren’t sure what you DO (or do not) believe?

If any of these sound like you, continue reading on below as we take a closer look at some simple signs that you can look for to help make up your mind…either ON the call, or before you pick up the phone. Read on..:-)

Sign #1: Wants VERY Limited Feedback From You

This should truly be in the form of “Yes” or “No” answers, or just modest elaborations. Nothing more should be needed. (or requested)

Sign #2: Has a Clear Understanding of the “Limits” of His or Her Abilities

If your reader has a “God” complicate, it’s a very bad sign. Every gifted intuitive understands that they act as an interpretive lens of energy and information, and is NOT the one who has all of the answers themselves. Your mood, your beliefs, your open mindedness and the general rapport you proportion all play a big part in a positive reading for BOTH of you.

Sign #3: They Provide you with CLEAR and unambiguous information that you can really Use (and closest understand)

A good reader or intuitive is very clear in what they are seeing, and offer it to you with the clarity that allows you to understand it now. While there will ALWAYS be things that you’ll “get” a bit better down the road, a reading complete of stuff that you need to “get” MUCH later, is usually a sign that the information was too general, and not the real deal.

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