How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Stump Using Goldenseal

Do you have a newborn baby? If you have no idea how to treat the cord stump of your baby, you will find the solution here. Bad treatment to the cord stump has greater possibly to cause infection. The popular fact is that alcohol, soap, and water should not be used to clean the stump.

Umbilical cord stumps can be dry at about 10 days. You can take care of it by using Goldenseal. It will be dry after a week and it will completely be healed within two weeks. For the steps to take care of the stump, you could see the following steps.

The first thing to do is to wash your hand before you touch the stump so that it will not be infected with the germs from your hand. Then, you could apply the powder of Goldenseal Root to the umbilicus every time you change the diaper. Blot the powder some on each side and then get it under the place in which the cord stump folds down without pulling it. however, if your baby is boy, put a clot under the umbilicus as you change the diaper. It is advantageous for catching the urine.

The next thing to do is to change the diaper so often to prevent filling of the diapers. You have to do this at the first week in order to make the cord stump fall off in addition as heal. It is advantageous for avoiding infection.

Always keep the diaper of the baby low enough so that it will not touch the cord stump. Another important thing to do is not to pull on the umbilical cord. Also, pins are not recommended to be used for the diapers since it can rule to infection. Never let the cord stump be wet.

Another important thing you have to obey is not to wash the umbilical cord with the water or soap and also alcohol. The alcohol is not recommended since it is able to kill the natural skin flora of the skin which is advantageous for the defense from the infection. In addition, the Goldenseal powder which you apply has function as the natural antibiotic. It is advantageous for preventing the umbilicus from the infection.

By doing the steps above, you will see that the cord stump will fall off after a week. however, if it cannot spontaneously fall off, you must not pull it off. You have to wait until it is dry and fall off by itself by keeping taking care of it. By the time it falls off, you will see the belly button formed.

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