How to Seduce a Friend – And Get Her to Have Dirty SEX With You!

You might have a friend that you want to sleep with for a long time. Or, you might want to make someone you know your girlfriend. Anyhow, you will find what I proportion with you here to be useful in your quest to turn a friend into a lover. Read on to discover the killer ways to seduce a friend and make her want to sleep with you…

“Stop Being A Friend”. The problem with being a “friend” is that a woman does not have any sexual allurement to someone that she only regards as a casual acquiantance. consequently, if you want to seduce a female who only sees you as a friend, you have got to stop being one. This really is a mindset change more than anything else. Stop doing her favors like a friend would – for example, if she calls you and starts complaining to you about her golfer boyfriend who started developing a taste for porn stars, then tell her, “What am I to you, your emotional tampon?” Bottom line – stop being her best buddy at once.

“Touch Her”. The difference between a friend and a lover is that a friend doesn’t “touch” a woman in a sexualized manner. If you want to seduce her, you have got to touch her and get her aroused in a way that no “friend” could ever do. Warning – I am NOT asking you to grab her pointy breasts while giving her a love bite at the back of her neck. Don’t do anything that would be seen as SEXUAL ASSAULT! Rather, touch her at non-erotic spots such as her hands and knees. If she seems willing, then slowly (and respectfully) move to more sensitive areas. The meaningful here is to be patient, and use the TOUCH to differentiate yourself and stop coming across as a friend to her. NEVER force yourself on any woman – it’s stupid, and NOT effective. Don’t blame me if you get caught, and then had to proportion a cell with an inmate who then uses “how to seduce an inmate – and get him to have dirty SEX” tactics on you.

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