How to Go On a Souvenirs Voyage: Enjoy Travel and Collecting at the Same Time

How to Go On a Souvenirs Voyage: Enjoy Travel and Collecting at the Same Time

A souvenirs voyage is different from a regular vacation or trip. instead of traveling to one destination and enjoying the sights there, a souvenirs voyage requires you to travel to several different locations, spending a short time (sometimes less than a day, sometimes a few days) in each place, then moving on to the next location. At each stop, you collect a souvenir of the same kind, usually a comparatively inexpensive kind like a magnet or keychain. When you ultimately get home, you’ll have a collection that reflects a fun, varied trip!

First, you should set the scope for your voyage. It can be as general as traveling all the way around the globe or as thin as traveling the whole length of a specific highway. It all depends on your budget and where you want to go. Some suggestions other than the two above are to try to visit every state in the U.S. or every country on a continent.

Next, define your stops. This gets harder the broader the scope of your voyage. When you have the whole world to choose from, it can be hard to pick only certain locations to visit. In this case, you should try to work your way west (it will help with any jet lag), and try to pick a few stops on each continent (except Antarctica, of course!). If you are trying to visit every state in the U.S. or every country on a continent, your choices are a little more obvious, but you nevertheless have to decide what cities to visit. Capitals are a good rule of thumb, but many states have more famous cities that would be more enjoyable to visit- for example, New York City is not the capital of the state of New York. For traveling the length of a specific road, your stops are going to be slightly determined by how far you can excursion in a day. You also might want to count things a little differently for a car trip as opposed to a plane trip- stops for food or gasoline don’t necessarily count as souvenir stops if you don’t want them to, unless there is something else of interest in the place you stop.

Once you have your itinerary picked out, you should decide on your kind of souvenir. Again, usually it is better to pick a less expensive kind of souvenir, since you will be buying several of them. Magnets, keychains, or special decks of playing cards are all good examples of souvenirs that you will be able to find in most places that are not too expensive. If you are willing to use a little more and want to characterize your collection in a more formal setting, figurines and collectible plates also work well. Make sure that you have somewhere to carry your souvenirs safely.

Once you get home, you can set up a characterize for your collection, possibly based on a map to show where you’ve been. Enjoy both your souvenirs voyage and your later collection!

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