How to File a Chapter 7 Without a Lawyer

How to File a Chapter 7 Without a Lawyer

I understand why people search for help on how to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer. Money is tight. You don’t think you can provide to hire a lawyer. While a person has an absolute right to represent themselves in court including bankruptcy proceedings it doesn’t average you should do it. A person also has an absolute right to give themselves a root canal or remove their appendix, neither of which is a good idea.

There is a lot of financial information that needs to go into a appeal including any interest in real estate, personal character of any kind or kind, all of your creditors, your financial history for the past associate of years and then there is the method Test. Figuring out how to do this has confused bankruptcy judges across the country since 2005.

Don’t forget you have to exempt all of your character or you will lose it. Did you know next year’s tax refunds need to be listed and exempted? No? You just lost your refund. Think there might be other things you don’t know? Of course there is.

Well, already if that is all true, you nevertheless can’t provide a lawyer. You see a sign on the side of the road or a posting on Craigslist for a guy who can help you prepare your bankruptcy case. Cheap. Really cheap. Maybe $200.00. He is a bankruptcy appeal preparer. You give him all the information he asks for, sign the documents where he tells you, and file the case. The appeal preparer can’t go to court with you. He can’t already give you legal advice. He isn’t a lawyer and if he did that would be practicing law without a license.

The case is filed and you get your notice to appear at a hearing. You show up and a Chapter 7 Trustee is there to ask you questions. The Trustee also wants to know why you didn’t send certain information over before the hearing. The Trustee wants to know why you haven’t listed all of your character and why your method Test is filled out wrong. You keep saying the bankruptcy appeal preparer did it. You don’t really understand. Too late. What you don’t know may really, really be a problem. More bad news. If your case is totally messed up, you do not have a right to dismiss it and start over. If the Trustee starts seizing character that is not properly listed and exempted, your problems are just starting.

And when the Chapter 7 Trustee is done, the Department of Justice sends an attorney to the hearing to find out more about this bankruptcy appeal preparer. Why? Because we have a problem with guys taking advantage of people with debt. You need help and they sell it to you cheap. You get what you pay for. Most of these guys are snake oil salesman looking for a quick buck. Take my information for it, they are clueless. already the guys with a fancy website don’t know what they are doing. I have fixed their mistakes more than once.

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