How To Choose The Right Lingerie Color To enhance Your Features

Most women know what they want when they are shopping and they usually know where to find it in addition. Most also know exactly what size they are and maybe already the size they are in different brands, but do you really know the best color for you? This is especially important when buying lingerie. You can’t just buy your favorite color and hope that will work. Choosing a color that compliments your skin color, hair, and eye color is a little more of an art and if you are going to go beyond basic black or white you need to pay attention.

Skin color is an obvious consideration, or at the minimum it should be. Many women use lingerie that is so close to the color of their own skin that one cannot tell where the lingerie ends and you begin. Many women with the pale china doll kind of skin tend to stay with light pastel colors just be sure to have them blend with the color of your hair or eyes in addition. If you have olive colored skin or are fairly tan you can go with colors that are a little darker, again remembering to choose a color that goes well with your hair or eyes. You may want to consider colors that are a little brighter. Women who have really dark tans or ebony skin have the most options of all. You can use pastels and powdery colors that really bring out the contrast and you can use bright colors very well also. Again, always consider you hair and eye color but dark reds and royal looking purples will look dramatically.

When it comes to hair color, pastel lingerie looks best of blondes and wearing light shades of purple, blue, or pink compliment their hair color without taking front stage over your beautiful hair and they are light enough not to wash out your facial features. Darker hair calls for darker colors and brunettes will get the best results wearing brighter colors and prints in addition as earth tones. Dark blues, purples, reds, and bright hunter green lingerie will really compliment your hair. If you are a fiery redhead you can get away with some really bright and fun colors but be sure that they compliment your hair because the beauty of your red hair is a huge influence on your overall sexiness.

Now we come to one of my favorites, eye color. Choosing lingerie that compliments the color of your eyes can really create a dramatically look. If you have blue eyes, choosing any color of blue from pastels to already the purple hues can really press your eye color. Women with green eyes can use any shade of green to draw out the color of their eyes. For the ladies with darker eyes, wearing brown colors or already mixing shades of blue and brown work nicely. If you are lucky enough to have hazel eyes you can get away with almost any color and it will bring out that portion of your scarce eye color.

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