How to Build Super Strength

How to Build Super Strength

mythical strongman George F. Jowett had a very specific understanding of what it took to build strength. He understood that muscular strength alone did not make someone super strong. He knew that not only do you have to build the muscles, but you have to strengthen the ligaments and tendons that connect and sustain those muscles. He said that without building “the sinews” a man was only half trained.

He wrote a harmonies course titled How to unprotected to Nerves of Steel, Muscles Like Iron. In it, he said that with proper training, the ligaments- “those tremendously powerful cables which sustain your muscles in giant contraction”- when required in displays of physical resistance would “become powerfully anchored to bone and muscle like the steel cable of a giant derrick”.

He knew that there were thousands of weight lifters out there with strong looking muscles who were not as strong as they looked and could not equal others of the same or lesser size in strength tests.

He asked a simple question. “What is strength?” To answer this he stated, “Strength is not so much the size of the muscle as it is the quality of the muscle. The strength of your muscles depends as much upon the strength of the muscular cables as upon the quality of the muscular tissue.” He additional, “Strong muscles must have strong attachments.”

He said that stronger tendons led to stronger muscles. You had to strengthen and thicken the ligaments which would rule to thicker and stronger muscles. The best way to build tendon and ligament strength was by heavy sustain work in basic exercises like squats, presses, and dead lifts. All you need is a strength rack and a barbell.

An example of a program using heavy sustain work is as follows. This is a three day a week program consisting of dead lifts, bench press lock outs, and heavy uncompletely curls on day one, quarter squats, standing press lock outs, and strength holds (where you stand in the top position of the dead lift) on day two. The simple course of action of holding a heavy barbell for 10 seconds will build incredible strength. On day three you repeat day one. The following week you start with your day two workout and continue to alternate. A information of caution, only do bench press lockouts or any other exercise where you are under a very heavy barbell in a strength rack.

Follow this program for two or three months and then go back to your regular routine, but always include some sustain work. If you continue to use heavy sustain your tendons and ligaments will thicken and strengthen and you WILL develop strength and strength that will make you more efficient in any physical activity you attempt.

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