How Hip Hop Can Change Your Life

It has been more than four decades now that we know hip-hop. It all started on the streets when few “DJs” like “DJ Herc” invented a new style of music by mixing two different tracks and making rare beats. It spread like a disease and people started loving it. The young generation of that time contributed a lot to make hip hop noticeable that it is today.

It was not uncommon to see a group of buddies that included male in addition as female, to gather around the corner of a street, in underground car parking, clubs and parties and show their talent of creating rhythmic lyrics and beat-boxing. Rapping emerged as an basic part of rap later and it was also well received by the people. Rappers started competing with each other in social gatherings by making their own original lyrics intended to insult the competitor. This was based for fun with no harsh feelings and fights.

Hop emerged and developed in New York and later spread around the US and then around the world. It is not treated as a musical genre rather it is considered to be a culture and lifestyle. Hip-hop changed the life style of many people and it is nevertheless changing lives. It is shared to see young people wearing baggy shirts and pants, long chains around their necks and wrists,

“Gelled hair” and graffiti art work around their living spaces. This is all hip-hop and this is all fun. Millions of people around the world live this culture and it realizes the fact that hop music is not just limited to music. Hop in other words method ‘tension free life’.

If you like this culture there is nothing that can stop you from being attracted towards it. Few decades ago there were DJ and singers promoting it and already now there are many hip hop artists who are nevertheless attracting our attentions with their new hip hop songs. You can hear hot new hop music around you and it nevertheless is within the space and spreading. Hip hoppers like Eminent, Jay Z, Snoop “Dogg” and a lot of other famous names are keeping this culture alive.

The time has changed in these decades and people have become busier with their lives but rap is nevertheless like the old days. It is nevertheless complete of energy and fun and it is nevertheless making us crazy for it.

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