Hosting a Tea Party For St Patrick’s Day? Tea Party Games and Activiti…

Hosting a Tea Party For St Patrick’s Day? Tea Party Games and Activiti…

Tea party games for St. Patrick’s Day are a great opportunity for the wee ones to learn about the Irish traditions and cultures. Hosting a tea party can be fun for the kids to help plan.

If this is to be a party for different ages, you can decide on the most age appropriate activities. Most tea party games are very inexpensive.

A great activity for the kids is to create their own rainbow mobile. This is a very easy and inexpensive project. Take foam paper plates and cut out the center. Take different colored ribbons and cut them to about 20 inches in length. Glue the different colored ribbons to the bottom half of the plate. Put a small hole in the middle of the top part of the foam rim and thread a long piece of yarn to hang the rainbow mobile. Enjoy the colors blowing in the breeze.

Create your own leprechaun. Save Your tall individual yogurt containers. If you notice they can appear like a hat. Paint the empty clean container emerald green. Cut out small black pieces to glue around the rims and small yellow squares to be the buckle on the hat.

Wash and clean medium size potatoes. This will be the head of the leprechaun. buy some plastic eyes and have scraps of yarn for hair, and buttons or sequins for nose and mouth. Decorate the hat and put it on your leprechaun.

Hosting a Tea Party for St Patrick’s Day? Tea Party Games and Activities for the Wee Ones.

This can also be a fun educational time for the kids in addition. Do they know what a leprechaun does? Do they know about the blarney stone? Of course, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but if you are from a different culture, try a compare the cultures game. The Irish are celebrating St Patrick and all his special works. Is there a figure head that is important in your culture? How does your culture celebrate that figure head?

It is important that children learn about important tradition and history. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. You can find stories about his life and how he survived being taken from his family and made a slave. He escaped his captures after six years and was able to return home to his family. There he decided to become a priest. He spent his life helping others.

Playing Irish music and teaching the Irish jig would be a fun activity for the older crowd. Rent a video of Riverdance and show it to the kids. It is a great way for them to learn and enjoy Irish music and see the dancing.

If you are hosting a tea party for St Patrick’s Day plan some tea party games and activities for the wee ones. It is a reason to just have fun and proportion time with friends and family and make memories for the future.

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