Hearing Center Tests – What to Expect

Visiting a hearing center for testing can be a good idea for many people. Those who are looking for a way to enhance their ability to hear or to find out if they truly have a problem should invest in these sets as soon as possible. Doing so could help to enhance their quality of life, too. in addition, most people do not use these centers and are unsure what they can offer and what to expect when they arrive. Once you schedule an appointment, the next step is to go by a series of tests. There are three types commonly offered.

A General Screening

The first step the hearing center will do, and sometimes family doctors will do in addition, is to do a general screening. Your doctor will ask you to cover one of your ears with a hand and will then talk to you. This helps to gauge how well you can hear spoken words. He or she will use various tones and volumes to find out how well you are doing. If you are not sure, if you have a problem this is a good first step.

Tuning Fork Testing

The next step is a tuning fork test. These are two-pronged instruments made of metal. When hit together, they make a definite sound. With the use of these, it is possible for the doctor to identify any problems with your hearing. Additionally, this kind of test can tell the doctor about the kind of loss you have. Specifically, it can tell if you have loss caused by damage to the middle ear, where the eardrum and cochlea are located. This test can also provide information about if you have damage to the nerves of your inner ear, which are sometimes called sensors. Sometimes, damage to both occurs.

Audiometer Testing

If you are suspected of having some kind of damage, the third option is an audiometer test. Here, a thorough set of sounds is gone by to determine what you can and cannot hear. The range of sounds will include various tones and volumes. You will be asked to raise your hand when you hear a sound. You will not hear them all. The sounds will get very faint and hard to hear, but this is okay.

During this testing course of action, the hearing center is calculating if you have a problem and, if so, what kind it is. It may be possible to treat it and enhance your hearing function. However, the first step is to have a formal test from a specialized that specializes in this area. Doing so can help to answer your problems and help you to get back some of the quality of life you have lost.

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