Health Situation In Kuwait Is Stable, Says MoH

Health Situation In Kuwait Is Stable, Says MoH

Health situation in Kuwait is stable, says MoH

The health situation in Kuwait is stable and the Health Ministry is monitoring COVID-19 developments regionally and internationally, said an official on Wednesday.

Speaking to the press, the ministry’s official spokesman Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that there was coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning the spread of coronavirus.

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He noted that there was an increase in situations around the world and the GCC vicinity including Kuwait.

He affirmed that the current increase should not cause any alarm, saying that there were no situations in the ICU of coronavirus patients.

Al-Sanad called on people traveling oversea to avoid closed spaces and crowded places as much as possible to prevent infection.

Taking precautionary measures would lessen the chances for infection, he indicated, adding that individuals with respiratory symptoms should isolate from others.

He also suggested that children should avoid going to summer clubs to prevent infection.

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