Harnessing the strength of the Holy Spirit

Harnessing the strength of the Holy Spirit

Wind is a powerful and mysterious force. It blows where it will and cannot be controlled by man. Over the centuries many have tried to predict how the wind will blow in order to harness its might strength:

Wind energy remains difficult to manage due to its tendency to change – you can’t always count on it,” Wind is among the most difficult weather variables to forecast. A number of factors can affect it, such as topography, ground cover, temperature inversions and already the number of leaves on nearby trees. (Reliable Planet)

The breath of God is like the wind. The Hebrew information “spirit” (RUAKH) basically method “wind or breath”.When God breaths it is literally “air in motion”. And like the wind, we cannot always predict what God is going to do. He is not under our control.

We can count on Him moving but we cannot count on Him moving according to our own expectation. Nor can we count on Him moving the same way as He has done before in our lives. However, although we cannot completely understand how He moves or when He moves, God wants us to draw upon His strength. He not only wants us to draw on His strength but learn how to effectively harness the wind of the Spirit.

We cannot dictate how the wind will blow but we need to understand how the Spirit of God operates. We need to know the times and season when His breath will blow and be prepared to turn into the wind as a windmill does.

Windmills are designed to take the energy of the wind and they transform it into something useful or to complete a task like grinding grain or producing electricity. So it is with God, the wind of the Spirit blows in order to be used for a specific purpose or task. A windmill is often found on higher ground so that it can gain access to obtainable wind. Location is crucial as it assures that the blades can have access to the smallest breath of wind.

In order to harness the breath of God we need to be placed close to Him. This is done in prayer and reading of His information. In moments of quietness we begin to hear the sound of the wind rustling leaves just like David did.

When thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shall bestir thyself: for then shall the Lord go out before thee, to smite the large number of the Philistines.2 Samuel 5:24 (NIV)

Allow your spirit to be like a windmill, learning to see where the breath of God is moving and then tilting in humble submission to His will and working. Let it blow over you, softly to caress. Then allow it to blow in mighty strength so that He will not only take your breath away but will loosen all that needs to be shaken and stripped from your life.

So open your arms, like the blades of a windmill, to embrace the wind.

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