Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat – The Device That Both The Nazis And The…

The Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat (German for “magnet strength apparatus”) was the first of Coler’s zero point energy devices that he produced and shared with the German navy. How did it work and what happened to it? Can this technology be used today to strength your own home? Let’s find out.

Hans Coler’s First Device

Coler truly produced two devices: the Magnetstromapparat and the Stromzeuger. His first is the subject of this article and consisted of long-lasting magnets, coils made from copper and condensors. German war documents show that Coler demonstrated the device delivering a continuous 450 millivolts which is just under half a volt. It should be noted that the device was capable of generating up to 12 volts if desired.

More specifically, the Magnetstromapparat consisted of six long-lasting magnets arranged in a hexagon-like configuration. The interesting thing about this particular magnetic motor generator design was that the magnets themselves formed part of the electric circuit which is uncommon.

The whereabouts of Coler’s original device is unknown. He made no secret of how he designed his motor and others have since copied and alternation them for their own use.

How Do Magnetic Motors Work?

Magnetic motor devices (Cole’s included) transform magnetism into motion.

Initially, the rotor or drum is at a standstill, held in place by forces given by the magnets. An initial kick-start is required to allow this equilibrium to be broken. This can be done by pushing the rotor with a hand, with a hand crank or with the help of a small battery.

The rotor rapidly gains speed and soon reaches a continued speed. Now it is at a new equilibrium and the frictional forces from the bearings and air resistance are counteracted by the magnetic forces. The rotor runs indefinitely except when the device must be powered down for maintenance such as substitute of the magnets.

Can You Run Your Own Hans Coler Magnetstromapparat To strength Your Home?

Coler’s device was like most other developed motors in the last century. They all have their own rare features but ultimately rely on the same inner principles: that it is possible to transform the strength of or caused by magnetism into motion (usually rotor)

In my opinion, Coler’s device and many others were and are overly-complicated. The days of tinkering in your own workshop or garage for hundreds of already thousands of hours are long gone. Today, you can make your own device at home using some basic parts and tools.

After all, a magnetic motor generator is really nothing more than a rotor, some strategically placed magnets and some basic wiring. Anyone who can keep up a tool can construct a device.

The typical strength output obtained from a simple home version is 7 kilowatts. This is more than enough to strength most homes.

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