Goodbye Clutter

Goodbye Clutter

9. Can increase dust mites or other unwanted critters: When you have cleared as much clutter from clients homes and offices as I have, you become very aware of the enormous amount of dust/dust mites, mold, germs and other unwelcome critters that can live in the clutter. The dust mites, etc. can cause allergies or other illnesses, and the bugs are creepy and unsanitary. 10. Can cause fatigue or depression: Continuous stress and frustration can often rule to feeling listless or already depleted. If the emotional weight of your clutter becomes overbearing it could rule to something already more serious, like depression. 11. Can be passed on to your children: While your clutter itself may be passed on to your children when you’re no longer here, I’m talking about passing on the clutter habit to your children. If they grow up surrounded by clutter then there is a good chance that they too will suffer from the negative effects of clutter when they become adults. 12. Can rule to more serious health problems: Clutter could rule to allergies from dust mites, or something more serious from continuous stress, like headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, already cancer. These are just some of the reasons why removing excess stress from our lives is so important.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me About How to Remove the Clutter from Your Life Fast and Forever?

I can show you the best and fastest ways to eliminate clutter. These are the same simple methods I’ve been teaching my clients for nearly 20 years As I’ve said, clutter grows almost magically — all by itself. It seems to appear out of thin air. And then it keeps growing. Clutter never disappears on it’s own. It can only disappear with a proven-effective system. You CAN eliminate your clutter problems, effectively, quickly, easily and permanently IF you have a proven-effective SYSTEM …

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