Girls Night Out or Bachelorette Party

Girls Night Out or Bachelorette Party

Girl’s Night Out (or In)

Who needs an excuse for a night out with the girls? Things are bound to get wild with a Girl’s Night Out (or In) Cocktail Party! Nothing is more fun than letting loose with your best girlfriends.

It seems like the current economy has everyone on edge; with bills to pay and the stock market not sure of which direction it’s heading, our social lives are often the first to feel the pinch, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can nevertheless entertain with style without spending a fortune – because already when times are tough, we all need a little time with our girlfriends…and a little Cocktail Therapy, of course!

To get guests in the spirit, give each girl a feather boa as they arrive. You will be amazed how a prop immediately elevates the mood of the party.

Since it can always turn into a WILD night, pair a fun animal print with hot pink to decorate for this event. Use a hot pink runner for the table or if you are on a budget then hot pink wrapping paper can double as a runner (very, very chic, totally inexpensive and super easy clean-up). Use high fact magazines as centerpieces in glass vases and fill with flowers (just be sure and place the flowers in another vase within the vase if you are adding water). You can already use the magazine covers to line your food and drink trays. Fill martini vases with water and floating candles and hang small glass chandelier pieces off of each glass – place these super cool ornaments around the house. Fill other martini vases with mini disco balls and votives for that additional shine and shimmer… laa dee da!

Serve a identifying characteristics cocktail like a pomegranate martini; especially, since pomegranates are all the rage this season (anti-oxidants). Shake them up in a chic animal print cocktail shaker and then set them out on a fun tray. Decorate plain bottles of water by cutting out a strip of brightly colored and fun patterned scrapbooking paper and stick together the strip to the bottle then line them up on your buffet table or bar.

For food choose something light and easy, like a thin crusted margherita pizza served on your trusty wood cutting board and a light salad that can be served in take-out boxes.

For fun, add a bit of mystery to your next Girl’s night and hire a fortune teller, psychic or palm reader (or do the homework yourself and learn how to read tarot cards). This will be sure to keep the conversation fun and flowing all night long.

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