Gann – A Track Record That Made Millions Find Out How!

Gann – A Track Record That Made Millions Find Out How!

mythical trader W D Gann amassed a fortune of $50 million dollars in the first half of the last century, although he died in 1955, his commodity trading methods are nevertheless used today with dramatically success by savvy traders.

Here we will look at the basis of Gann’s method and why he was so successful and what you can learn from them.

Gann’s Trading Method

Gann’s trading method takes the emotion out of trading like all good methods it:

Liquidates losses quickly and keep up’s the longer-term profitable trends.

Gann’s method did just that and he had a track record that was truly dramatically.

Before we look at how Gann made money, lets take a look at some of his predictions.:

1. He expected improvements in business in 1921 and the Bull Run in stocks.

2. 1928 he forecasted the end of the Bull Market in stocks a complete year in improvement of the 1929 crash. He then bought stocks in the Dow at an all time low in 1932.

3. In 1935, of 98 trades in cotton, grain, and rubber, 83 trades showed a profit.

These trades were verified independently and followed from inception to conclusion .

Gann’s rare Method

Although Gann was a technical trader, he introduced concepts that were rare and nevertheless applicable today.


Because, he based his methods on the interaction between price and time.

Gann postulated that crucial price movements and consequently trend changes happened when price and time converged.

If price and time were not in union, then time was more important than price.

Time, was the ultimate indicator for trading, because as Gann stated all of character was governed by time.

In the “Wall Street Stock Selector” Gann stated:

“Just remember one thing, in any case has happened in the past in the stock market and Wall Street will happen again. Advances in bull markets will come in the future, and panics will come in the future, just as they have in the past. This is the working out of a natural law”

Gann’s work on price and time was not his only rare contribution to trading, he also used such concepts as Gann angles and The Fibonacci numbers ordern in his trading which were revolutionary at the time.

Gann produces a great quantity of work and his insight into trader psychology and his rare way of trading saw him make some dramatically gains in his trading career.

What You Can Learn From Gann

All traders would do well to study Gann’s rare and disciplined trading methods, as they can (and do) help predict important trend changes and trade them for profit.

Gann was a mythical trader and studying his methods will help you seek big profit possible.

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