Four Questions to Ask Your Upline

Four Questions to Ask Your Upline

If you are considering a home based network marketing business, you have probably been approached by someone about it. Perhaps it’s someone you know or maybe it’s just someone you stumbled across online. Assuming you have checked out the opportunity thoroughly, you should also see how this person will work with you. This person would be your upline if you decide to join. Here are 4 important questions you should ask that person.

What do you bring to the table in this company? – This question is designed to find out what kind of rare ideas your possible upline has. This will help you decide whether to sign up under this person or with someone else.

What will you do for me after I join? – Many network marketer just sign up people, show them how to get started, and then move on. Often you never hear from them again. Listen to the answer and try to ascertain what kinds of plans he/she has one month, six months, and one year after you join.

What kind of training resources will you provide? – If you join the company, you will need training. Most companies have company-made training material. If your upline to be just says “follow the company’s training”, that’s not a good answer. Your prospective upline should have training resources of his/her own such as an email newsletter, a training website, or weekly conference calls.

Tell me about your past experience in Network Marketing – From the answer, try to determine (or just ask if necessary) how long this person has been in the company, how many other companies he/she has been in, and how much overall experience he/she has. You want to avoid an “opportunity hopper” (one who never stays with one company very long and keeps jumping to new ones).

As you can see, these are not yes/no questions and there is no exact answer for any of them. But from their answers, you should be able to determine what you can expect from this person. Your upline is an important part in your network marketing business success. Make sure you get the right person!

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