Forex Software is Better Then Demo Testing For Becoming a Better Trade…

Forex Software is Better Then Demo Testing For Becoming a Better Trade…

I’ve always been impressed with Forex traders that can look at the charts and closest know what to do… trade or not trade. This is the kind of knowledge and confidence that only comes with experience. And this experience only comes with the kind of practice that makes one Forex trader better than another, already when trading the same system.

If you’ve already been involved in sports, then you know this to be true. You might be coached the same fundamentals of the game and use the exact same equipment… but there is always some players that are just better than others. But here is the good news, you can practice to become a better trader by using Forex testing software.

Learning to trade Forex takes time. But that time is extended if you try to learn on a DEMO account. And no, I’m not recommending jumping straight to a live trading account. I’m suggesting practicing with Forex simulation software, which allows you to test and practice your trading system faster.

What Is Forex Testing Software?

Forex testing software looks just like the popular Metatrader4 trading platform. You test the trading system manually using real historical data you download into the software. This is like backtesting an Expert Advisor, but your are testing everything manually.

Here Is An Example Of Using Forex Testing Software

Recently, I took a popular Forex trading system and put it to the test using a testing software program. I downloaded real, historical data. I set up the charts like instructed. And then I went about trading the system for an complete YEAR in about 3 hours.

The system used a 1 hour chart. If I was testing this on a DEMO account I would have had to watched the charts every hour on the hour to look for trade set ups. But all I had to do was click a button and move to the next candle hour by hour. I would wait for the charts to show me the trade set up, and then I would place the trade just like I would during live trading. Then click, click, click ahead to see how the trade developed.

There are three great advantages to testing the system in this way. First, I could tell how the Forex trading system would have performed over an complete year (in this case 2008). Second, I got a lot of practice… doing over 130 trades in 3 hours (instead of a year). Third, by trading at such a fast speed I was able to get a feel for the system and clarify was to potentially make the system better.

So, if you’re tired of seeing other traders get better results trading the same system, I suggest practicing with Forex trading software. Not only will the software help you sharpen your trading skills in record time compared to DEMO trading, but it could help you clarify more profitable ways of trading in addition. Imagine what being a more skilled trader with a better system will do to your profits!

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