Finding the Fugitive

Finding the Fugitive

You have your assignment. In your hands you have a picture of your skip, arrest warrants, list of addresses and friends and family. Should you be an employee, you know what you will get paid. If you are working for yourself, like me, have some sort of agreement with the bondsman as to how much you will be paid. The percentage of the bond(s) might vary between states. Know what the going rate in your area is. You might make anywhere from 6-10% of the bond amount. You might agree to get mileage and hotel depending on how far you are going.

What next?

You will ultimately develop your own methods, but for now here is what I like to do. Sure, computers can give you lots of data, but ultimately you will go to the streets. Just remember that most people continue to do the same as they always have already if they are wanted! That is bad for them but good for you. So, before you leave the bondsman’s office, try to gather as much information as you can about habits. Does your person drink, smoke, gamble, hang around clubs, etc. Is there a spouse? Do they get along? Are there any children? Where do they live? What school do they attend? What car does he excursion with license plate number. Is your person known to get violent? You can check with your jail to verify you have all the warrants and anything special to be concerned about. I prefer to do this in person.

You will ultimately come up with your own questions.

Now, check the area where your fugitive last lived, worked, etc. Get to know your person in thoroughness! You are in his old area. What does his car look like? Where do friends and family live? If possible, I like to observe from enough distance away so I can see what is going on and not give my position away. Make sure your car is similar to other vehicles in that area so you can blend in. One last bit of guidance. This does not happen often, but could keep you out of jail.

Find out if your person might possibly have been arrested by another county. Sometimes you might not know until you are about to take the fugitive down. The person may or not tell you about a ankle band that is being worn as a consequence of being on home confinement. Be aware that commonly these people can go from home to work and back. Should this situation arise, then do some further checking. But, for now do not cuff your person! The guy may tell you. So, just remember if something feels too easy or wrong, wait and conduct more research. That additional time may keep you out of jail!

What do you plan to do when you see your skip? Plan that out. What if friends are around? Will they help him or run away? Am I going to kick a house door in? Just to let you know, I have never done that, but friends in the business have. I just do not want to encounter a surprise in close quarters of a house. So, I try to create a situation which is in my best interest or that of my team. So, basically if certain situations arise and you and your people are in position, then go for it.

I try to tell people if anything can go wrong, it definitely will. Should you have to follow your person, then do so. Have some sort of a feeling for where you might be going. Where could your arrest go down? Gas stop, grocery store? I prefer to have everything go as smooth as possible and quietly as not to create a scene. Often, I will walk up to my person and stand right beside him and tell him why I am there and how I expect things to go down. We can do this easily or hard. The decision is totally up to him. Either way, I am prepared. If I am standing there talking to him the arrest is within the next 60 seconds. I will not give him time to figure a way out. He is not my best friend. Him going to jail feeds my family. The more you hesitate, the better the chances are that you could get hurt! So, get it done and get out of there.

What if you do not see your skip? I like to go to areas where he is known to frequent. I will show his picture to people and ask if they have seen him. If no, then move a way down the road on either side. When you get a yes, ask about a means, what was he doing, buying anything, etc. Was he alone or with someone? Now is time for you to listen well! If they describe the correct means, friends, purchases, etc then he possibly was there. When did he get seen? Lots of people want to make you think they have truly seen your skip when they really have not. It will be up to you to sift by the crap. So, hopefully you know where your person goes and what times of the day and who is with him. Basically, you become that person long enough to catch him and go to the jail in the county where he jumped bail from.

If you are going into another state, I suggest you check out the rules of that state pertaining to out of state fugitive recovery agents. Since my future is involved, I check it out myself! I do not just take what people tell me as being truthful. Should you do the wrong thing, guess who ends up in jail?

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