Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against Another Insured Individual

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against Another Insured Individual

When personal injury occurs and the insured is an individual, it is shared for the injured person to find themselves running out of funds to sustain their daily lifestyle requirements. Often, insurance policies take in any case steps they can to avoid paying out a large lump sum to the victim of an accident. They may offer to pay the complete amount of the policy out to the victim over the time of ten or twenty years in small monthly payments. Unfortunately, these monthly payments are rarely enough to cover the cost of living for an injured person, and sometimes help from government agencies is required as a consequence.

The reasons noted above are good cause to be in contact with a qualified and experienced attorney as soon as possible after a personal injury incident. An attorney can guide an injured person in the best ways to approach a wide variety of issues arising from the injury, such as dealing with insurance investigators, annuity payment contracts, obtaining medical records and police reports (if any) and many other factors. Above all of these, however, a qualified, experienced attorney can help an injured party determine what restitution he or she may be entitled to due to the injury and the most effective ways of obtaining them.

Insurance companies tend to treat personal injury claims with aggression. A victim may be entitled to thousands or millions of dollars in damages due to a personal injury caused by another individual, making these claims extremely expensive for insurance companies to pay out on. Often, an insurance investigator will be stated to determine the amount of damage done. Unfortunately, the investigator’s job is typically to try and keep the insurance company’s costs as low as possible. Before speaking with an insurance company about an injury consistent at the hands of the insured party, it is important to speak with an attorney and have him or her present during any meetings or conversations with the insurance company. This will help ensure that the injured person’s rights are fully protected.

Providing the chosen attorney with as much information and evidence as possible will allow him or her to build the strongest case possible for any individual client. Since most insurance providers defend their situations so aggressively, very rarely do they settle out of court or without trial proceedings. It is important to hire a lawyer who knows this and is prepared to bring the case to court and represent his client as aggressively as the insurance provider will, and is also experienced in such personal injury claims with a high success rate.

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