Fake Tin Ceiling Tiles, Also Called Faux Tin Ceilings, Dramatically enhance Any Room

Fake Tin Ceiling Tiles, Also Called Faux Tin Ceilings, Dramatically enhance Any Room

The increase the number installations of Fake Tin Ceiling Tiles comes as a consequence of many of us harboring a desire to create the ambiance of an earlier age, a slower paced era where style and grace were the watchwords in home decor. No fake tin ceilings then, pressed metal ceilings or tin ceilings were used and these were popular from the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century and found mainly in North America, Canada and South Africa.

There were, though, many disadvantages of real tin tiles, they were heavy, difficult to install and tended to rust, so step up to the plate fake tin ceiling tiles which are easy to install, lightweight, cannot rust as they are made from PVC and are genuinely an affordable different.

The original tin ceiling tiles were usually tin-plated steel which was pressed with embossed designs similar to the costly sculptured plaster that existed in many prestigious buildings but now, almost a century later, we have obtainable an affordable different with false tin ceiling tiles sometimes referred to as faux tin ceiling tiles that give a tin like turn up at a much more affordable price.

Why have they suddenly become fashionable? Well it is often said that “Everything Old Becomes New Again” and before established fashions reinvent themselves and become fashionable again. fact does have a habit of returning as modern ideas are introduced to the market and such is the case with fake tin ceiling tiles that are almost exact copies of the original tin but using different materials.

Advantages of Fake Tin Ceiling Tiles

  • Ease of Installation The tiles can be purchased in a tongue-and-groove, lightweight design that allows for easy placement with a ceiling adhesive. They are made from PVC and are easily cut with scissors. There are two ways to install them, you can either ‘drop in’ or the more popular way is to ‘glue them up’. Both methods are simple, effortless and leave no mess. One caveat is that if you decide to clean up a past popcorn ceiling you must take expert advice over the possible existence of asbestos.
  • A wide range of obtainable designs The tiles are obtainable in many designs and finishes, gold, antique silver, antique bronze and rosewood to name a few.
  • They will not rust The tiles are usually made from PVC, polystyrene or fibreglass and sometimes a mix of these materials so they cannot rust.
  • Extremely long lasting . The materials are lightweight, virtually maintenance free and so ensures the longevity of the product.
  • No loss of space . Unlike “dropped ceiling” and suspended grid installations choosing the glue up option, or already nailing, method there is no reduction in the height of the ceiling
  • Soundproof . A great characterize of these tiles is their ability to absorb noise.

These tiles can turn an otherwise colorless room into one of beauty and elegance and are appropriate for commercial sites, theatres, restaurants, bars, retail stores, media rooms, and in domestic situations in fact they will enhance the turn up of any room or building.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you are looking for that something special for your building or just the one room take a look at all your options at the link below.

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