Experience Spiritual Reality

In an effort to analyze and explain spiritual reality, we must entertain concepts that the human mind cannot grasp or explain.

The Head Cannot Grasp

Three concepts that the head cannot grasp are the terms spirit, eternal, and infinite. When we approach these ideas our intellectual perspective may become confused, shocked, or offended! We live in a physical world that is assessable and quantifiable. Spiritual, eternal, and infinite concepts cannot be measured and consequently shall not be grasped by the human mind!

The 4th size

We live in a three-dimensional world. The concept of another size may be a simpler concept to grasp. The idea of a fourth size (spiritual, eternal, and infinite) has been explored within fictional models. These models have been shared by movies, comics, video games and more. The illusive allurement towards these concepts points to a deeper truth about humanity. We all have the capacity to include spiritual reality!

The Door To Spiritual Reality

The human heart is a door to spiritual reality. While the head may not comprehend infinite values, the heart simply accepts these concepts like a child! Within the human heart is a capacity to grasp and analyze infinite reality. Vision, inspiration, imagination, innovation, passion, love, creativity, artistic expression, and so much more, are all aspects that the human heart indulges and communicates in! The human heart is the birth place of these pursuits.

Experience Spiritual Reality

The search for spiritual reality has been an current human pursuit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know the simplicity of this journey from a concrete starting place. I have spent almost three decades studying and communicating the ideas introduced in this fleeting article.

My desire is to show these ideas to everyone who has a childlike intrigue to analyze further! The starting place is your heart and the limit is infinite once you begin the journey! Why not open your heart and start today.

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