Executing Your Log Cabin Plan

You’ve chosen your log cabin layout, have your blueprints, building permits, the construction financing is in place and you’ve lined up the manufacturer/builder/contractor(s). Now it’s finally time to construct. What are the steps to executing the plan?

Site preparation – An access road will be needed for the delivery and construction vehicles. The trees, stumps and brush in the building area will be removed. Dig basement excavation or grade surface for foundation.

Install water well and/or septic system – Dig water well if needed. Dig and install septic tank and drainage field if needed.

Install foundation – Install footings and under foundation piping. Install form for poured concrete foundation if appropriate. Pour/build foundation. Waterproof and insulate basement walls.

Subfloor – Install subfloor, beams and posts.

Backfill – Backfill soil around foundation and rough grade lawn slope.

Arrival of Logs – Prepare storage area. Unload delivery trucks. Sort, inventory and store logs.

Log wall erection – Construct log walls. Install doors and windows. Build interior wall petitions.

Roof – Install roof system and sheathing. Structural insulated panels (2 sheathing panels sandwiched on either side of a stiff foam insulation panel) can be used in vaulted great room ceilings. Install tarpaper, flashing and shingles.

Fireplace – Install fireplace and chimney.

Plumbing, HVAC and electrical – Install rough plumbing, HVAC ductwork and equipment and then electrical. The cabin is now ready for the framing inspection.

Concrete floors – poured

Insulation – Ceiling and wall insulation is installed

Drywall – installed with taping

Sanding, painting, staining and wallpaper – completed

Floor coverings – installed

Trim, interior doors, kitchen cabinets and countertops, vanities, stair railings, tubs, showers, mirrors, medicine cabinets, toilets, sinks – installed

Finish plumbing, HVAC and electrical – Install plumbing fixtures, appliances, electrical fixtures, outlet covers.

Exterior finish – Install decks. Install window and door trim, facia, soffets, louvers, vents, garage doors and openers, gutters and downspots. Waterproof/stain logs, decks and trim.

Finishing Items. Inspect complete log cabin and make punch list for builder/contractor. Re-inspect until punch list completed satisfactorily. Schedule final building inspection.

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