DougCo school board to vote on ending disguise requirement

DougCo school board to vote on ending disguise requirement

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Douglas County Board of Education debated Tuesday night whether to leave masking in schools up to parents and students.

approximately 100 people signed up to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting, which lasted more than three hours. Many argued confront coverings make learning difficult and violate personal freedom. Others say confront coverings, which have been implemented as a COVID-19 control measure, are an important safety tool in schools.

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Douglas County does not currently have a county-wide disguise requirement for indoor public spaces, unlike most other metro counties.

The resolution recommends personal and parent choice with respect to whether children should use confront coverings in school while allowing for appropriate accommodation for students with disabilities. The resolution also states there will be no district policy requiring a COVID-specific universal vaccine mandate for students or staff unless required by law or public health order.

Hannah Nunn, a teacher with the district, was among those who spoke before the board. She said a majority of students do not follow the current disguise rule in place.

“Teachers get attitude and eye-rolls, already from students whose parents are adamantly for the disguise mandate. This policing is ruining relationships with students,” Nunn said.

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Some students argued their health and safety should be the dominant concern of the board.

The board has in addition to vote on the resolution.

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