Does the Shedding in Telogen Effluvium (TE) Stop Suddenly Or little by little…

Many of the questions that I get about shedding or telogen effluvium (TE) concern when (and how) it is going to stop.  There’s no question that it’s tough to cope with this condition.  Seeing discarded hair everywhere and watching your hair thinning out without knowing when (or if) the end is ever going to come gets very old very quickly.  Some shared questions that are asked are things like: “is there any chance that I will just wake up one morning with normal hair shedding or can I expect more gradual relief?;” or “if I’m starting to little by little discarded less hairs, does this average that I’m beginning recovery?”  I’ll try to answer these questions in the following article.

Overnight Relief From Telogen Effluvium (TE): Understanding The deleted cause:  I’ve never experienced this myself, but having spent tons of time on hair loss forums, I’ve seen a associate of people who have claimed that they woke up one day and were completely back to normal with that morning’s hair wash.  In other words, their TE seemingly stopped over night.  I must tell you that this seems to be the exception to the rule and that of the many years that I’ve been studying hair loss, I’ve heard about this happening only a handful of times.

nevertheless, I think that when you do get sudden relief, it’s likely because you had a very specific cause that you were able to eliminate very quickly.  Examples of this would be if your shedding was being caused by a medication that you suddenly stopped taking, or by a product that you were having an allergic reaction to which you threw away and ceased use of.  In these situations, the thing that was causing the shedding was completely deleted, and, assuming that you had no residual inflammation from the shedding course of action, there is now no reason for any more shedding to occur since you have deleted the cause.

Gradual Recovery From Telogen Effluvium (TE) As Your Body Stabilizes:  In my experience, it’s much more shared to see gradual relief from the excessive hair loss.  You may have a great day with completely normal discarded and get your hopes you that this is over, but then within the next associate of days, you’ll start to see the accelerated and excessive loss again.  This is frustrating roller coaster ride, but this is also often the beginning of recovery.  Unfortunately, most people have a series of starts and stops before they ultimately can say that they have been enjoying normal hair fall with total regularity.  Often, you’ll get some relief only to have it pulled away again, but then you will start to notice that the relief is beginning to become more frequent and that there is less time between the good days and the bad days.

I believe that this sort of recovery is typical of most people because your body is adjusting as you retrieve.  TE is caused by some change in or stress on your body, so you often won’t see a complete reduction in shedding until your body has completely recovered or you’ve completely addressed at all event was triggering this.  As I’ve said, excluding certain exceptions, this is a gradual course of action for many people.

Another thing that I sometimes see is folks who have a series of TEs.  What usually happens is that they will try to treat the original cause, but the treatment causes a new bout of shedding.  Changing up hormones, experimenting with DHT blockers, or using products or stimulants that cause more inflammation of the scalp are the usual culprits.  That’s why it’s important to attempt treatments little by little and carefully so that you aren’t dealing with more than one cause.

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