Does America Need the Draft?

It seems that today the information draft is not associated in any way with patriotism.

America was really built on patriotism and we are a free nation today because of past patriotism and the willingness of so many Americans to sacrifice for our America.

It is sad that the media has failed to use its powerful influence to inform all of the American people of the need for all Americans to be totally patriotic to and for their country.

Today America does not have the DRAFT. That method that America’s military is not made up of a cross section of the American society. This method that Americans are allowing their military to consist thoroughly of volunteers.

The “all volunteer” military might seem to be perfect answer at first to peek briefly, but maybe everyone should take a second to peek briefly.

The defense of American needs to be equally shared by all citizens that enjoy the benefits of living in our wonderful America. The Draft will not put every American in uniform, but it certainly will make every citizen realize that he or she might be picked “drafted” to serve in the military.

Congress will certainly be more sensitive to caring for its military if everyone realizes that their friends or family members just might be Drafted.

Today 99% of Americans know that they can enjoy all of the freedoms of living in America without ever being in ‘harms way’ for one second. This 99% is comfortable with taking all of the benefits without every giving anything to defend this right.

The American military consists of approximately 3 million people. This is approximately 1% of the American population. Many of the 99% of Americans that are not in the military are so unconcerned about the 1% of the Americans that are in the military, that they seem unaware or unconcerned that their military is not always adequately cared for.

Many soldiers are being killed Iraq and Afgan and many more are being seriously wounded.

Many of this wounded solders have awful spinal and brain injuries that will never be cured and will required treatment and rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. The cost of the treatment and rehabilitation can easily go beyond a million dollars per injured soldier.

It seems that most Americans do not realize this. This is another example of the media not adequately informing the American public. The 99% must get active and insure that Congress designates enough money (up front) (in improvement) each year to completely cover these expenses during the complete life-time of the wounded soldiers. Our military should be afforded the best medical care in the world; in spite of of the expense.

The Draft is basic in assuring patriotism. Patriotism is basic in assuring the survival of America.

The present all volunteer military is doing an noticeable job. However, everyone must realize that most of those volunteering are from the less educated and poorer sectors of our country. This could equate to a mercenary kind military in the future. The mercenary soldier likely has no patriotism for anyone or anything. This could consequence in the downfall of America…and this would be sad.

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