Do Top-Selling HDTVs Stand Up To Strict Scrutiny? Part 1

There’s a mad rush on to buy HDTVs, which are amongst the hottest markets. You must be aware that television broadcasting in the United States is set to become fully high definition on February 19, 2009.

You must already be placed under a great deal of sales spiel by persuasive marketers. This article is intended to help you sift the chaff from the grain, when you are bombarded with sales talk. I am not going to teach you all the finer technical details about HDTV; just enough to help you select the right HDTV you need, not what they want to sell you.

First, you have to decide on the kind of HDTV you want to buy. HDTVs are obtainable in five categories: Plasma, LCD, DLP, CRT, and Rear-projection. LCDs are the most popular, followed by projection TVs and plasmas.

If You Have Enough Space And Money…

Take a look at CRT HDTVs. They are big and heavy – and the most expensive of all HDTVs – but they deliver the best image. Truly upscale.

Is There Space Shortage In Your Home?

Then you should buy either an LCD or a plasma HDTV, as these are thinner, and take up less space. LCD screens give better resolution than the other types; however, if you are a gaming fiend and love home theater, plasma screens are a better choice as they give you a larger viewing area.

Why Some Gamers Avoid Plasma…

Plasma TVs, when used by gamers for long hours at a stretch, do have burn-in problems.

Risks Involved In Buying LCD TV…

LCDs have their own negatives, too: limited viewing angles, ineffective fast motion, and not very thorough blacks.

Do You Want To Save Money in addition As Space?

Then buy an LCD HDTV. LCDs cost less than plasma HDTVs. (However, LCDs cost more for the same size sets – this riddle is easily explained as plasma HDTVs are only in the large screen part.) LCDs have the additional advantage of consuming less electricity than plasmas, making you more ecosystem-friendly. They are lighter too.

Do You Want A Better Image Than An LCD HDTV, Without Paying A Much Higher Price?

DLPs (Digital Light Processing) could be what you are looking for. They give better black levels and color than LCDs. Also, they are blur-free compared with LCDs.

Do You Want The Biggest Size At The Best Price?

Then opt for a rear-projection TV, which, while being heftier than a flat-screen plasma or LCD TV, is much thinner than a CRT.

Why CRT Could Be Expensive In The Long Run…

On the flipside, the bulb of the CRT will have to be replaced every few years, and that will cost you a few hundred dollars, every time. This problem has been deleted by the recently introduced LED-pushed models.

Don’t Forget To Factor Repair Costs…

A prospective buyer of a HDTV must also consider how much he is likely to pay for repairs in the future. Flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs require the least repairs in the first three years of use. Rear-projection TVs are much more repair-inclined than LCD and plasma sets. (Source: Consumer Reports)

Do You Really Need 1080p Sharpness & Resolution?

Sharpness and detail are defined in three separate categories: 720p, 1080 I, and 1080p, with 1080p considered the best choice.

Many prospective buyers are convinced that a 1080p set is better than a 720p one. However, there are hardly any 1080p broadcasts, so you might end up paying $2,000 more, for a 1080p set that gives you the same picture quality as a 720p set. at the minimum until 1080p broadcasts start happening.

Beware Of The 120 Hz Myth…

The refresh rate is also categorized, into 60 Hz and 120 Hz. 120 Hz is the preferred different, as the lower rate results in blurring or ghosting of fast moving objects. This is truly a myth, as most signals your TV receives are 60 Hz, anyway.

How Much You Pay For Your HDTV Depends On Where You Buy It…

The percentage sales of HDTVs has been increasing dramatically in recent times. You truly save money by buying your HDTV online, instead of in a store in your neighborhood. That’s because this allows you to buy from sellers across the world, and avail bargain offers which would otherwise not be obtainable to you.

Amazon is among the best, where you assured of a good price, except credibility and guarantee of quality. There are other online supplies you can buy from, such as eBay, but where you are never sure of who you are buying from.

Have You Factored Other Costs?

When you work out how much you have to pay for your new HDTV, please insure that you factor in the need for other cables, installation costs and possible satellite or cable upgrades.

Don’t Let Store Owners Fool You With “Torch Mode”…

Sets in shops are usually in “torch mode” which method they have the brightness cranked up to attract attention. So, you will have to add installation costs to get your set properly calibrated after bringing it home from the shop.

Which Brand Should You Buy?

Now that you know exactly what you want to buy, you can consider the brand alternatives. Sure, you can buy the brand you prefer. Or nevertheless better, read my brand reviews also before deciding on the brand.

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