Divorce Mediation Vs Traditional Divorce

Divorce Mediation Vs Traditional Divorce

No divorce course of action is completely stress free, but if you choose mediation to settle your case, you could save on time, stress, and money. While divorce mediation is not as shared as traditional divorce litigation, there are many advantages to choosing divorce mediation that can assistance you, your spouse and your children.

What is mediation, and how is it different from typical divorce by the court system?

Mediation divorce is the most cost effective way to manage divorce proceedings. The divorcing associate meets with a mediator – a third-person party acts as a go-between to resolve difficult custody, character matters and financial matters. by mediation, the associate has the opportunity to decide the final terms and outcomes of the divorce in a peaceful manner that benefits both parties. In many situations it’s best to choose a mediator who has experience in family law and who can make sure that all legal issues are resolved, so an attorney who specializes in mediation is a logical choice.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:
• Divorce mediation is considerably less expensive than going by a messy ugly hearing with a estimate.
• It’s allows you to work on your time schedule instead of being forced to work on the city’s time with scheduled hearings.
• It’s gives both parties more flexibility because you can honestly discuss the terms of your parenting plan to ensure that your children are well cared for.
• There is more humane and peaceful because the mediation sessions typically take place in a conference room instead of in a courtroom with multiple people around.
• Mediation is secret and the discussions in divorce mediation do not become a part of public record.
• We helps couples develop a communication plan that enables you to effectively communicate with each other post-divorce if children are involved.

The most meaningful difference, however, is that mediated divorces are not unprotected to arbitration. You and your estranged spouse make the final agreement, and you are not bound by the information or a estimate or similar arbiter. Mediation is the method that helps you to create the ideal post-divorce scenario for your family.

What is the difference in cost?

Traditional divorce proceedings include litigation and court proceedings. Some more complicate situations go to complete trial. Traditional divorce takes longer, and it can be considerably more expensive. A straightforward mediation costs as low as $10,000 and can go up depending on your assets and the number of children involved. Meanwhile, traditional divorces, complete with court fees, retainers, motions, and discoveries, can cost as much as $40,000 for just basic litigation and uncontested rulings. For many couples, mediation is sufficient for the needs of the family. To understand how divorce mediation works and if this is a good fit for you and your spouse, call Peace-Talks Mediation at (310) 301-2100.

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