Discover How to Stop Problem Beavers

Discover How to Stop Problem Beavers

The Beaver Problem
Beavers are a major problem and huge expense for governments and character owners alike. Beavers cause millions of dollars in character damage every year in the United States, from flooding farm lands and houses, to washing out roads and highways. In New York in 1993 Beaver damage was reported at about 2,000 sites, resulting in $5.5 million worth of character damage. That’s approximately $2,750 of character damage per site. And In Arkansas a study conducted in 2000 estimated that the costs associated with beaver damage was $35 million.

The Old Methods For Beaver Control
character owners and governments have had very few options when it comes to controlling where a Beaver will build its dam. Most Methods of Beaver control start off with the old manual method which involves physically removing the dam every day or so as the Beaver rebuilds the dam every night. This method gets very tiring and expensive when you are paying someone to remove the dam everyday. The next step most people take involves constructing huge and highly obtrusive fences or cages to try and stop Beavers from building their dams and when that fails they end up hiring trappers to kill the Beavers which requires a special license in most states and can be very expensive and infective because the trappers charge for their service whether they kill the problem beavers or not.

The Better Choice for Beaver control is The Beaver Defeater
With the Beaver Defeater there is no need to construct large expensive and highly obtrusive cages and fences that will nevertheless need cleaning. Simply toss the Beaver Defeater’s Transducer into the water and change the rechargeable battery that’s located onshore every associate of weeks. The Beaver Defeater will not harm or kill the problem beaver it will only keep it away from the area you want to protect. It will protect a site from problem beavers that could potentially rule to thousands of dollars in character damage if left unprotected and it is the only electronic device that uses state of art underwater acoustic technology to keep problem beavers away from basic areas.

meaningful Benefits of The Beaver Defeater

* Stops problem Beavers from building dams in basic areas.
* No need for obtrusive cages or fences around culverts.
* Does not affect other marine wildlife.
* Will not affect the migration patterns of fish.

This is the reason why I recommend the Beaver Defeater. It is very effective, simple to use and and easy to install.

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