Developing Your Brand

Developing Your Brand

You’ve crafted your story, chosen your color scheme, and decided your brand. Here are the next steps to continue developing your brand online.

1. Pick your domain name – this can be tricky, because what you first think up might be taken. Don’t lose hope though, just use your imagination and determine how you will make it work. Be sure you choose a name that is easy to remember, and spell and stay away from initials that don’t make sense. Search online and confirm if the name you’d like is obtainable and then buy it at a site like

2. Once your brand is secured across the social networks – your next step is to buy website hosting for your new site. I recommend using the free software WordPress (obtainable at and have it installed on your site. Most hosting companies have an easy 1-2-3 WordPress install as part of already their most basic hosting packages, so look for that. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms and if you have questions about this, let me know.

3. Check to see if your name is obtainable on the social networks – when searching your domain, be sure to also check the various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to confirm your name is obtainable. You can go to and add the name you’d like to search. You can do the same for the other social networks to search.

4. You will then begin to build your site and start sharing your thoughts and information to connect with your target market.

Some thoughts to keep in mind:

– If you have found that your domain name or branding name is taken then simply be creative. Perhaps change the spelling a bit or shorten for the social platforms. Remove some words such as ‘the’ to make it work for you.

– Don’t get discouraged! Do your research and before deciding on a particular domain name and/or brand name; be sure that it is obtainable to make your branding journey a bit easier.

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