Daikin Heat Pump – High Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heating kind pumps start with the sun’s heat.  They pump takes outside thermal heat and releases it into a Daikin Altherma unit which then allows it to evaporate and go into the air in your home.  It can heat and cool depending on your settings at various times of the year.  This allows the Daikin heat pump to determine which course of action to use for heating and cooling.  There are several benefits of using air source units.

Uses less energy – Daikin Altherma systems are 5x more efficient than traditional standard heating units whether you base it on electricity or fossil fuels.  This is due to the use of outside air by an Eco-friendly unit that provides ultimate warming or cooling for your home.

Low installation costs – Since no digging is needed for these compact indoor or outdoor units and no ventilation system is required installation costs are minimal. Excavation can be costly when installing heating and cooling systems, but with this one these costs are averted.

Flexibility between new and refurbished units – The Daikin heat pump units can be configured for applications in new and refurbished models. They connect to standard underfloor heating units, fan wire units or low temperature radiators.  This method if you already have one of these heat pumps making changes won’t be required.

Comfort – This is a complete comfort solution for your home’s cooling, heating and already sanitary hot water needs.  No matter what time of the year it is, you and your family can be comfortable all over your home.

Safe – Since no gas or oil is needed with Daikin heat pump models there is no fear of toxins or pollutants.  This also method there are no gas lines needed which is also a safer option.

Other brands of ductless heating and cooling systems similar to the Daikin heat pump models include Coleman, Trane and Gibson.  The brand and options you choose will be determined by your own personal preferences, needs and budget. No matter what option you choose these days you can find high efficiency air source units that use outside air to heat and cool your home.

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