Complete Clash Resolution by BIM – Electrical & Fire Protection Trades

Complete Clash Resolution by BIM – Electrical & Fire Protection Trades

Worried about electrical form coordination for your new construction? Want to know whether there is a perfect spatial relationship of electrical trade with other trades like structure and architecture? Find out an electrical BIM coordination service provider to enjoy the ease of installation and maintenance. BIM ensures complete resolution of clashes in the final form.

How BIM Ensures Complete Clash Coordination?

BIM ensures complete coordination of clashes in the final form. Engineers can change the routes of containments, fixtures and equipment on the basis of the clash report generated from the BIM form. A coordinated Electrical BIM form helps to visualize a project prior to construction. This enables improved design review, project planning, construction management, estimation, facility management and more. consequently, the construction professionals can save time and money, resolving clashes before construction.

Instances of Coordination Issues Detected by BIM:

• Manhole Clashing with Structure

• P-Trap Clashing with Structure

• Code Violation – Soil Pipe in Electrical Room

• Shaft Door in Architectural Drawing but not shown in Electrical Drawings

• Civil Design Mismatch with Electrical Plan

• Dimensioning Error Resulting Clashes

BIM Benefits for Electrical Contractors

• Visual Tool for Managers, Field Workers & Project Stakeholders

• 3D View Before Construction for Better Understanding of the Project

• MEP Coordination Ensuing Error Free Construction, Reducing Change Orders & Rework

• Removing Installation Disruptions and Work Stoppage

How BIM Validates Fire Fighting Design?

Fire Sprinkler System models are also designed with BIM technology. Different design options are analyzed for layout generation, sprinkler head count in addition as pipe schedule. 3D BIM form demonstrates the actual spatial location for increased coordination and clash detection, enabling design team to clarify conflict before construction. Designers and building users are able to access facility information such as form number, installation date and flow test from one source.

Instances of Fire Fighting Design Validation

• Generating Layout, Counting Sprinkler Head, Pipe Scheduling

• Calculating Pump Head, need for Water, Storage Tank

• Sizing & Routing for Stand Pipe, Sprinkler & Water Mist Spray System

• Gas Suppression & Foam System Evaluation

• Checking Sprinkler Coverage, Obstructions to Sprinkler Spray Pattern

• Providing Flushing Valve & Auto Air Release Valves

BIM Benefits for Fire Protection Contractors

• Virtual Project Collaboration Before Construction

• Waste Reduction – Material & Field Labor

• Collision Detection during Project Design Phase for Enhancing Field Productivity

• Cost-effective Fire Sprinkler & Piping Installations, Confirming Proper Air & Water

Pressure Levels

• Corrosion Management for Avoiding extreme System Failure

• Review of Gauges & Control Valve Maintenance

• Determination of Best Routing & Installation to Remove Interference

• Finest Performance of Fire Protection System & Proper Sprinkler Head Operation

Choose a competent BIM Company to get firefighting design validation service. This will help you to enhance fire sprinkler design communication for various trades.

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