Coloring Books for Kids- Jumbo workbooks

Coloring Books for Kids- Jumbo workbooks

Modern early education theories stress the importance of providing children with activities they can enjoy and accomplish at their own speed. The 5 workbooks have been developed with this in mind. Each book provides an enriching and highly creative learning ecosystem which lays the foundation for formal schooling without the pressure of a formal learning program. The consequence is children who learn independently in a fun and self paced fact, becoming more productive and individually creative.

I have used a number of your pages in play therapy and early learning group sessions with the young children I consult to. I am impressed by the inspiring clarity and vitality of the images and the way they consistently include young people.

Educational Psychologist, Melbourne Australia

I was amazed, my 3 year old and 5 year old kept asking for more coloring pages. They had so much fun coloring the pictures and were eager to show me their work; I couldn’t believe that it was possible to stimulate both of them with the same materials but each of them enjoyed doing worksheets at their own level.


How are they delivered? All of the pages of the 5 workbooks are in PDF format and can be downloaded and used closest and over and over again. (Every child has their favorite pages and characters and with the ebooks you can print these pages over and over again giving your child plenty of fun and additional learning opportunities.)

As soon as your order is processed, you will be redirected to a web page where you can access the 5 workbooks and download as needed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What age group is the workbooks designed for? Pre-school children aged from 3 to 7. Children develop at their own speed and it’s possible that younger or older children will nevertheless find workbooks fun and educational.

For example you could use numbers or alphabet coloring pages for your toddler or as a tool for teaching the numbers or alphabet to a 6 year old prep student. The basic…

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