Chiropractic Insurance – Billing For Whole Body Vibration

Chiropractic Insurance – Billing For Whole Body Vibration

Chiropractic billing reimbursements for PowerVibe users.

In order to ease reimbursement for exercise on a PowerVibe unit in your facility, we have put together the following billing guidelines:

– Integrating Whole Body Vibration via a PowerVibe unit into the chiropractic practice is an easy shoe-in. This therapy equipment has been used to rehabilitate athletes over the last 40 years! It speeds up the healing by increasing the blood supply in the injured area, increases lymphatic drainage, and stimulates the proprioceptive response and builds strength and flexibility without straining the injured tissues!

– When rehabilitative exercises are performed while weight-bearing on a vibration platform, advantageous effects of either modality are enhanced. Patients recuperate faster and feel better sooner!

As patients are nevertheless doing their specific exercises for their condition, now just on a vibrating platform, the codes to use for this service keep the same and are nevertheless:

97110 – Therapeutic exercise to develop strength, endurance, ROM and flexibility

97112 – Neuromuscular re-education (must be performed standing or sitting)

If you are using rehabilitation in your facility to enhance your patients progress and you bill for these procedures, implementing the use of the PowerVibe will be a very useful therapy tool.

Below are some helpful hints for correct billing for this therapy.

– When a patient is doing his/her rehab exercises while on a PowerVibe in conjunction with Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy(CMT) on any given treatment day, please make sure that your diagnoses mirror the need for CMT in addition as exercise;

– On the HICFA forms, you must point the spinal diagnosis to the spinal manipulation therapy and then point the exercise portion of your procedural codes to the soft tissue, extremity or injury diagnosis.

– Only then can the insurance carrier recognize and then reimburse the right $ for each procedure done.

Otherwise your charge for the exercise portion will be bundled with the manipulation charge and consequently denied.

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