Chakra Energy Balancing

Most people involved in the knowledge of chakras and how to manipulate them know that illness is often first found in the chakras before it is exhibited in the body. A blockage in one or more of the chakras creates a problem with all the other chakras and pushes them out of balance affecting the body.

A problem in one or more of the chakras is caused by too much or too small amount of energy flowing (or prana) by them. With understanding of each chakra and its function it is possible to find and fix a chakra that is malfunctioning. There are various techniques that are capable in balancing and correcting the chakra system, which will restore the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all spiritually.

Like with most things spiritual, it is the mind that is important. If you continue to shelter negative thoughts or keep up grudges, the chakras will either lose energy or become thick with ‘dark’ energy preventing the chakras form providing needed energy to the body.

We are all capable of balancing our own chakras by practicing Yoga, meditation, visualization, chanting, listening to music and message can be advantageous in balancing the chakras. We are made up of vibrating atoms, which appear to those who can see auras. Color is energy as is sound and together will form a powerful energy to be transferred to the chakras because all chakras are associated with a color and a specific tone of the musical extent. These tools, music and color are great tools in helping one to push out negative thoughts and feelings and come to a natural state of balance.

If one were to visualize the color of a particular chakra with visualization or truly looking at that particular color, it will help in balancing that chakra. Sometimes the opposite color, which is known as the antidote color also help to create balance, especially if there is excessive energy in a chakra.

Many yoga traditions such as Hatha and Kundalini yoga practices focus on the psychic anatomy and the energy body postures that are designed specifically to cleanse the chakras in addition as to strengthen the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The left part of our brain is our rational and conceptual part of the brain and the right side is our intuitive and holistic part. The right side is often neglected so in balancing the chakras, it is important to strengthen the right side by meditation and visualization etc. We should not neglect the left side. Our goal is to find a balance with the right and left side of the brain and learn to work with each side individually. Working with the right brain allows us to become more self- aware, which in turn allows our energy to deepen and being able to work with both sides helps us to become balanced as we will use the left side when needed and the right side, also when needed. It is a way to access more information to allow you to deal with life in a more effective way.

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