Cat Language Bible™ – Feline-Human Communication Breakthrough

Because I’d hate for you to live another day being nothing but casual roommates, who give each other a wink and a nod… but don’t communicate any further.

Your cat’s meows and purrs are a sign of longing to say something more to you; as natural predators, cats only make sounds like this when they REALLY want to get something across.

So every time you hear a sound like that, you can be sure he’s trying his best to send you a message.

Will you receive it though?

Does he desperately need kitty litter? Does he want to remind you of your favorite show that the 2 of you watch together?

Is there a competitor cat or dog lurking nearby?

Are you forgetting to take him out for a walk?

Or already to go on an appointment that you usually go to at this time?

Yes, your cat knows these things.

We were quite surprised ourselves during the hundreds of experiments we ran with our volunteer parents and felines of just how detailed where the notes that cats took on our lives.

You wouldn’t believe some of the conversations

and already exchanges of humor between cat and owner

that we witnessed. Who knew cats

could make us laugh?

When you order The Cat Language Bible™ ebook, you’ll finally be able to directly translate various verbal and nonverbal cues in addition. The guide goes over very specific thoughts, phrases, and feelings that your cat also communicates via body language.

We’re also going to show you how to respond back in a more effective way than the basic words or commands you may be accustomed to right now.

Vocal inflection, which is likely your main method of communication, is a great place to start getting the point…

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