Can’t provide Electricity? Buy Best Energy Generator – Solar strength in Y…

Can’t provide Electricity? Buy Best Energy Generator – Solar strength in Y…

What is the best form of energy generator? Solar by far! However, these systems are nevertheless very expensive to have installed in your home, so today you are going to learn about a far better different for harnessing the unbelievable strength of the sun – building a solar panel yourself. It’s easy, it’s not time consuming, and most importantly, it doesn’t cost very much money to get great results.

I was just like you are now – looking for a way to cut my ever-increasing strength bill that was starting to eat into more and more of my monthly income. There seemed like no solution, until one day someone told me that I should consider using an different energy generator. Solar was the best option he said, as wind strength is harder (although nevertheless not that hard) to install yourself. I took the drop, and followed his advice. The end consequence was that for a cost of just under $250, I had build a solar system powerful enough to generate almost all of my household electricity needs.

Here’s what you need to do to have as much success as I did –

buy the following items to assemble your panels –

1. Sheet plywood. Buy this from DIY stores in large quantities as you can usually get it for a very low price.

2. Sheet glass. This should truly be purchased from a glazier or specialist glass shop according to the measurements laid out in the instruction manual. Don’t buy large amounts and then try to cut it yourself, unless you have the specialist tools.

3. Copper wire. Buy in large rolls or buy the foot/meter from hardware or electronics stores.

4. Solar cells. The best place to get these is off eBay. In case your confused, cells are the individual square or rectangle shaped black bits that you see on completed solar panels

5. Instruction manual. This part is really vital, as it will provide you with all the measurements diagrams and blueprints that you need to properly assemble and install the system. You will need to use around $50 in order to get a good quality instruction manual, as free downloadable ones simply do not cut it, and don’t offer safe installation guides, and are truly a safety risk.

The basic steps to building your solar generator are-

1. Cut one sheet of plywood to size according to the instructions.

2. position solar cells on the plywood, but don’t attach them, This is only to get a basic idea of the layout etc.

3. Drill holes in the plywood and insert copper wire by. The instruction manual will show you how to do this

4. Properly attach the cells and wire them up.

5. Place a backing piece of ply so that no wires are projecting unnecessarily.

6. Frame the panel with another piece of ply, so that this frame truly sticks out from the rest of the construction.

7. Insert and obtain the sheet glass to provide protection for the cells.

8. Paint and seal the system then wire it, and install it into your home so that it can start generating electricity and saving you money.

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