Can Replacing Switches With Dimmers Save on My Energy Bill?

Can Replacing Switches With Dimmers Save on My Energy Bill?

Want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your meaningful other at home while enjoying cost savings on your electricity bill at the same time? Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Well, this has been made possible thanks to the introduction of dimmer switches.

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is one of the fastest growing cities in North America. The cost of living in this city is increasing, with residents looking for more ways and method to cut costs. There has been a continuous increase in energy prices in Georgia over the years, and energy conservation has become a top priority in many people’s lives.

A little bit of care could help you introduce a big cut in your electricity bills. From using electronic devices having energy star logos to switching to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) bulbs, people in Atlanta and across the globe are trying everything obtainable in the market to save energy, and rightly so.

However, many people are nevertheless hesitant to use dimmers instead of a regular switch in their homes. For one, people feel that installing dimmer switches would require them to rewire their rooms. There is also a misconception that dimmer switches can create fire hazards.

The good news is that the newer devices are extremely easier to install and help the user enjoy great energy savings while also creating the right mood at the same time.

Older dimmer switches don’t help much in strength savings, as these rheostat kind dimmers consume the same amount of strength already when the bulb is dimmed down. This is because the old dimmer switches just minimize the amount of strength that is supplied to the bulb, while the rest of the strength is dissipated as heat.

The new generation of dimmer switches makes use of lesser strength as soon as the lights are turned down. When you faint the light by 25%, these dimmer switches help you save 20% on electricity, while you can save 40% electricity when the light is dimmed by 50%. The good news doesn’t end here, as these devices also help extend the life of a light bulb.

To install a dimmer on an existing lighting fixture you should seek the help of the electricians in Atlanta, Georgia. Installing these devices is not as easy as it may appear in a book. When you replace your existing switches with a dimmer switch you can enjoy bright light while reading or faint the lights for a romantic setting.

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