Build a Wind Turbine – How to Build a Turbine Using a DC Motor

Build a Wind Turbine – How to Build a Turbine Using a DC Motor

It isn’t that hard to build a wind turbine yourself. You will find that there are a number of superb guides obtainable that will take you by each step of the time of action, most of which will include illustrations so that you can see exactly what you should be doing. One of the least expensive methods to build a wind turbine for home use suggested by a number of manuals is by using a DC motor.

Where people often come up against problems when carrying out this kind of project is in their choice of DC motor that they have obtained for use in their DIY wind generator. If you are considering trying to build a wind turbine it is well worth taking the time to ensure that you find the right motor to generate the strength that you need.

You will probably know, a DC motor is an electrical device that is used to strength things with electricity. Current from a battery is sent to the motor which turns, which in turn powers the item that it is connected to. One of the most shared examples is a starter motor on a means. What a lot of people may not know is that the magnets used to turn the motor when connected to a strength source can be used to generate electricity if the motor turns the other way. This fact alone makes using a DC motor the ideal choice for someone considering wind turbines for the home. The most important point is to ensure that you pick the correct motor at the start of your project.

There are just two main essentials to consider when you set out to build a wind turbine using a DC motor.

The first one is Voltage. Ideally a 30volt motor should be used, but anything over 20 volts will get you out of trouble.

The other point to look for is RPM (revs per minute). What you will be looking for is a motor with a comparatively low RPM. A DC motor with a high RPM will have difficulty in reaching the speed required using wind strength. If you can find a 30 volt DC motor with a RPM of 1200 this should suffice. With a wind speed of 20mph the motor should generate 12 volts of strength. This may not sound like a lot but don’t forget, this is only one part of your project to build a wind turbine. In conjunction with the other parts that you use you will be able to generate enough electricity to supply part or all of your strength needs.

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