Best Tips for divided System Air Conditioners

Best Tips for divided System Air Conditioners

Here are the best tips for using divided system air conditioners that will greatly reduce energy use and save you money. For these to really work, let others in the house see what you are doing and tell them why.

  • Close all windows and doors to stop hot air coming into your house and heating it up. It’s nice to catch a cooling breeze very early in the morning but be ready to shut doors and windows before the heat starts. This will stop hot air from getting in and heating up the house from the inside. Do this one step and you are half way there!
  • While you are closing doors and windows, be sure to also draw all curtains and blinds on the sunny side of the house. Do this early to preserve a comfortable temperature inside.
  • Turn on your divided system air conditioner early in the day to cool the house quickly with the minimum of energy use. There is no need to keep it running for too long if you follow points 1 and 2 above.
  • Set the temperature setting to around 24º or 25º for best balance of feeling comfortable and not getting a large electricity bill.
  • Decide which part of the house you really don’t need to be cooled (i.e. storerooms, spare rooms, someone’s bedroom if they are out all day etc) and SHUT the doors. This way you can further control the air temperature and reduce your energy bills. Be sure to let others in the house know what you are doing so that can also make sure doors are shut etc.
  • If you follow all points above, you can often use portable fans for a while before the heat of the day really sets in.
  • Once it gets really hot then there’s often no choice but to have your air conditioner running throughout that time. Choosing an inverter divided system air conditioner helps control room temperatures more smoothly and efficiently so consider this when you buy. Inverters divided systems automatically adjust when programmed temperatures are reached. Instead of just turning off they just slow down and continue the desired temperature.
  • Finally keep an eye on the weather and once the sea breeze comes decide if it’s cool enough to turn off the air con and start opening up doors and windows again.

By following these steps and getting your divided system air con serviced regularly, you’ll ensure that it gives you cool summer days for years to come.

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