Bankware PHP Script

Bankware PHP Script


Bankware Fintech is an Digital Financial Solution developed using the a Laravel PHP Framework. Installing the Bankware Fintech Solution is easy and is achievable within 5 minutes.

With Bankware Fintech Solution, you can setup your personal financial institution in minutes and start making gains on transactions. We hope you would enjoy using



Admin Access:…

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

User Login:Email: test1234 || Password: test1234


User features

Easy Signup/login
Premium Template
User To User bank move
Other bank move
Western Union
Ria move
Money Gram TransferAccount statement
Multiple payment gateways
Account setting
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Flexible Withdrawal
Kyc verification
Virtual Cards
Target Savings
Recurrent Savings
lots more…

Admin features

Page Section management
Interface Configuration
Savings management
Target Savings management
Withdrawal management
Loan management
Multiple Email Configuration
Multiple SMS Gateways
User/Admin Messages 
User management
move management
place management


PHP >= 7.3+

Minimum Shared Hosting

512MB Storage

File Info PHP Extension

GMP PHP Extension


1Intallation & Activation
Upload zipped script to your server
Unzip the extracted script to your server
Create new database user
Create new database
Add the produced database user to the produced database
Visit yourURL/installer and follow the wizard to upload your Database SQL File to the server
2Configure Script
Open app folder in unzipped field
Locate the .env config file in the app folder
Open to edit the file with any editor of choice
Scroll down to database config part
Configure database as produced in step 2
Save file

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