Bad Habits Are Like Pests – They Remind Us What is Important

Bad Habits Are Like Pests – They Remind Us What is Important

There are pests everywhere. In Northern Kentucky termite problems exist. In Cincinnati termites, mosquitoes, roaches and other pests exist. There are companies that can very effectively address pests. Which begs the question; what is a pest. A pest is an animal or insect that is not welcome. They are not welcome because they damage or destroy what is valuable to a person, present health problems or interfere with a positive lifestyle. Termites can cause physical damage to structures. Mosquitoes can interfere with a pleasant evening out. They are pests because they interfere with the life we would like to live. Pest control involves several fronts, attacking the pest directly, creating an ecosystem that discourages pests from taking root, and staying vigilant so pests are addressed at the first sign. This approach to pests can also be applied to bad habits and New Year’s resolutions.

As we start the New Year we often take inventory of our lives. Often we find there are things in our lives that we would like to change. It might be an issue of weight or diet; it might be an issue of exercise or time. It might be a need for better health habits, or making a change in life style. There are several ways to go about creating a positive change. If a house is being confronted by termites, the first issue isn’t recognizing the termites. The very first issue is recognizing the value of the character. If the termites posed no threat to the house, they would not be pests. It is important to do an inventory on what is of value. The issue is not being fat; it is placing a value on health and self acceptance. Many people that have become obsessed with weight focus on the blubber and not the motivating reasons. The issue turns into a fight to avoid becoming something as opposed to reaching for a better life. already the best programs focus on losing weight instead of gaining health. When the value is placed on what is important, namely health and loving the body that we dwell in, new solutions appear and the problems become clear.

If weight is the issue, and for many people it is, then the focus should be on loving choices, be it acceptance, healthy food choices, or exercise. The motivation needs to put the emphasis on what is of value, not the problem. Keeping the attention on preserving and protecting what is of value brings more solutions and an open mind to addressing the problem.

If the value is on loving the body then there are several solutions that offer positive results. The first is an honest assessment of what needs to be addressed. Simply put, it is not about losing weight, but it is about gaining health or enhancing self-esteem. It is a fairly well known fact that simply beginning an exercise regime helps to enhance body image; nothing changed but the active intention to honor the body.

Looking at all the issues that pester us we can easily begin to discover what is important and what we value.

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