Ascended Master Melchizedek

There is much written about the Melchizedek order, but not much about the Ascended Master himself. The order existed long before Melchizedek took his last ascension having its origins far back in time and space, but he is known as the High Priest of the order. Master Melchizedek took his Ascension several thousand years ago when he was the king of Salem and high Priest of the order.

He is a first ray Master, in addition the priesthood of Melchizedek is a seventh ray order – don’t assume because the order is on the seventh ray that automatically so is Melchizedek, and its members. He is a first ray Master. The Blue first ray is the ray of Gods Will and strength. His aura has a dark blue centre leading to a mid range blue and then white. If he appears to you in meditation, generally he appears as an old man with flowing thin white hair and beard, always wearing white, showing much of his white aura. He is very serious. But then most first ray souls are. But there is great love for all within him. Despite the serious character there is also a dry sense of humour that makes him a little more real and less elevated.

He is a past Chohan of the first ray, and nevertheless has many chelas (students) many of whom have had past lives in the Melchizedek order. His service to them keeps him close to this size. It is said that once a Melchizedek priest then always a Melchizedek priest. The initiations are retained by subsequent lifetimes. Hence Melchizedek’s continued service to those who have been in the order. Jesus and St Germain are both Melchizedek priests.

He is also the Master of colour. Colour is vibration. Ascension is the raising of our vibrations and consequently our consciousness. He is a Master of the raising of consciousness by colour. It is an interesting field of study.

His symbol is the Maltese cross. The cross represents the 4 planes of matter and the expert over all of them. Like all Ascended Masters, he has mastered the planes of matter, and now teaches this expert to his chelas.

If he is your teacher then be assured you are in the Melchizedek order, and most likely have this life as a first ray soul.

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