Andy Bloch – specialized Poker Player Review Series

Andy Bloch – specialized Poker Player Review Series

What would you do? If you grabbed an engineering degree from a respected college like MIT and a degree in law from Harvard University, the most probable answer to this question is to get a high profile job as a top boss in some multinational company. But, if you are Andy Bloch, you would certainly become a specialized Poker Player.

Andy Bloch is amongst the most notable players in the poker industry, he has survived in this game of poker for over quite sometime now. The achievement of this poker player includes several tournaments, where he reached the final tables and a victory at the last years WSOP Circuit event. This amazing persona is an enigma in the world of poker, here is an insight into the life of this amazing man. Andy Bloch grew up playing cards with friends and family, it can be easily said that he was inclined to win poker from a very early age. When he was completing his education at MIT he used to play poker with his friends, but it was not until 1992 that he seriously considered taking up poker as a profession.

1992 was the year when he graduated from MIT with two electrical engineering degrees, in the beginning he used to play regularly at the newly opened Foxwood Casino. At first he used to play the $35 weekly tournaments at the FoxWoods, he already restricted his habit of playing poker to a once a month affair. In the year 1993 he was introduced to the MIT Blackjack team which developed some programs and a strategy that gave the player a substantial edge of about six percent over the casino. The MIT Blackjack team trained some students of this engineering college who started beating the casino frequently.

Soon after he got himself enrolled in the esteemed Harvard Law School, he kept on paying for his tuition fees by playing Blackjack he also kept on investing loads of money in the MIT Blackjack team simultaneously. In the year 1997 Andy skipped his LAW School classes to participate in the WSOP and he was a guinea pig in the low-tech hole-card cam trial. He soon passed bar exam (1999) and decided to go back to the poker arena to try his luck.

He scored two second place finishes in 2005; he also won the WSOP Circuit Limit keep up’em Tournament in the year at the Rio in Las Vegas, he won the Ultimate Poker Challenge $10,000 Final event in the same year. This amazing poker player is also nicknamed Rock by his opponents, because of his steely nerves.

The great Andy Bloch also donates a substantial amount of his winnings to charities all around the world. In fact he has decided to donate $100,000 of his winnings in the Pro Am Equalizer to charities working in Darfur. Andy Bloch is considered amongst the most charismatic and knowledgeable poker player in the Poker circles, and the man definitely lives up to his name with innumerous wins to his name.

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